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    80 Degree Picnics


    The weather in New Orleans is finally starting to feel like fall, and it’s been wonderful basking in the sunlight on Sunday afternoons and watching the sun go down at the park on Friday nights. My macbook’s been in the shop for past two weeks and I’ve been taking a break from Youtube and blog posts for a bit, and it’s just been really relaxing being able to focus on friends, family, and relationships. This Sunday was my good friend…

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  • IMG_0307

    3 Days In The Smoky Mountains

    Talk about a much needed vacation, haha. After a month of straight up photo and video work, I decided it was time to chill a bit with the mountains a bit.…

  • IMG_7196

    Summer’s Here

    I’m celebrating my new freedom with an iced green tea and this adorable off-the-shoulder scallop skater dress. Chenhui and I had a really fun time strolling down Oak street and shooting…

  • IMG_7486

    Jumpsuit and Tea

    Haaaapy tuesday! I’m on my last week of school. Just gotta power through two more exams and summer here I come! Expect some dope new videos, hopefully quality vlogs, travel blog…

  • IMG_6636

    Rainy Day

    Call me stupid, call me careless, but my favorite time to shoot is when it’s raining. In fact, one of my favorite videos I’ve ever shot was me running around in…

  • IMG_5480

    The Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino

    Because I’m trying to unicorn-ify my life and have taken up the task of trying internet trends for the sake of vlog worthy content, I embarked on a journey to Starbucks…

  • IMG_4987

    Coffee Talk

    I started Monday with a nice coffee date with Kelly Lin, which turned into an impromptu photo shoot that lasted hours. We talked about Taiwan, blind dates, and dank doge memes.…

  • IMG_4442

    Photoshoot Diaries #1 + Life Update

    Hi guys! Gosh. Blog more Keliee goshdarnit don’t you remember the promise you made to yourself when you started your Youtube channel? That you wouldn’t turn into one of those bloggers…

  • IMG_4240-2

    DIY Unicorn Noodles (TheIndigoKitchen Tested)

    Hi guys! In my mission to unicorn-ify my life, I stumbled across this new magical recipe from TheIndigoKitchen that promised these all natural no artificial food colored purple and pink noodles that…