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    My Fall Playlist


    My Spotify playlist get’s a new makeover quite often, and in this case, I’ve completely been obsessed with a new genre of music. My fall playlist has consisted of 80% remixed and EDM music. Not the hard core trap ones, but ones with a pretty epic beat. I want to share my playlist with you guys today, so here are 25 songs you really really need in your life. 🙂 Purity Ring- Bodyache, Heartsigh, Stranger Than Earth, Push and Pull…

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    I’m Lost.

    As you guys can probably see, there hasn’t been a blog post in a while, and when there is, it hasn’t been one like before- a post where I’ve put 100%…

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    Walk Into Autumn

    Happy fall! The weather has been so amazing recently, and I’m spending as much time as I can outdoors to soak up the nice fall breeze. It’s sad that I live…

  • btslifehacks

    Back To School Life Hacks!

    Hi guys! Long time no blog. To make up for it, here’s a brand new video where I show you some super useful life hacks to get through school. I’m hustling…

  • retreat2016

    Retreat 2016 Recap

    Every labor day weekend, my church goes on a retreat to a place called Camp Living Waters, about an hour and half away in the forest. It was a real blast with…

  • mustdothings

    5 Must Do Things In Taipei

    Your girl just came back from Taiwan, and if you’ve been watching the vlogs, you’ll know that we spent a good amount of time exploring Taipei. If you’re planning on traveling…

  • taiwan2016_2

    ☄Taiwan Travel Diary 2016 ☄

    Loooooong time no blog! I got back from Taiwan last week, and I’ve realized that I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort in my Youtube channel and vlog channel…

  • Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 6.10.01 PM

    Easy DIY Frozen Berry Slushie

    It’s gotten SO HOT these past few weeks where I live, and if you’re like me, a cold icy drink is high on the list of needs. So today I want…

  • week

    Summer Days

    I think we all have this image ready beforehand of  summer break. The mentality that this summer is going to be the summer. It’s like the New Years. When you tell yourself that this…

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    Summer Graffiti

    Hi guys! I’m back with another outfit post. I promised more of these, and I hope to actually be posting more because they’re so fun to shoot! I’m also scouting more…