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Hi guys! This week’s QOTW was something that I really had a hard time coming up with. I browsed and browsed through various categories of good, inspiration quotes, but nothing stuck out to me. And I didn’t want to write a post on a random quote just so I could have the Quote of the Week on time for you guys.

So I decided to put this post off for a while until I found a good, solid quote that I felt like I could relate and write to. And by the end of the day, I still had nothing.

But this afternoon while I was walking out of school, I was greeted by someone lets just call V.He’s a sophomore with some sort of mentality disorder and didn’t have any friends.Last year, I started talking and being really nice to him. Was it out of pity? Sympathy? I don’t know. Or Keliee’s just a nice person lah.

V was a genuinely nice and kind person. He’d greet and want to hug everyone who passed by, calling “hey! *insert name*” and waving. But one day when I was walking through the halls and saw him, I witnessed something that made me very disappointed in my fellow human race. Apparently there were two girls he knew in his grade, and he called out to them in the hallway. The pair looked at him, then looked away pretending like nothing happened. He repeated his greeting louder, so they turned to him and shorty said,”hi V.” He didn’t hear them, so he said “hi there *insert name*” again. The two girls were getting either mad or embarrassed ( probably both), so one of them raised her voice and said “WE SAID HI OKAY? NOW GO AWAY.” Then they raced off giggling.

I saw this happen and I was genuinely mad.The voice the two girls used to talk to him was in a way that made it sound like they were so much better than him. Just cause they were “normal”, wore skinny jeans, and hung out with a huge crowd. Did it bug them so much to offer a genuine greeting?

But time passed. And with that time, I began to slowly understand those girls’s feelings. One day I was walking out of class, and in front of all my classmates he yells my name and holds out his arms for a hug. I was so embarrassed.Around me, everyone was chuckling and a girl walked past me saying “getting all the boys, eh?” From that on, I hid from him every time he passed. When he approached, I pretended to be on the phone. When he asked for hugs, I ducked past him mumbling an excuse like I was in a hurry to go somewhere.

And till now I’m still ashamed.

But that’s not all that inspired me to write this post. It was what happened this afternoon.

When V walked towards me, I already knew what would happen. My first reaction was to hang my head down. That obviously didn’t work, so I tried walking fast. Of course that didn’t work, so when he called out “Hey Kelly,”I embarrassingly mumbled out “hey. . .V. . .” and then I rushed away. But after I said those words, a 6th grade boy in front of me turns toward me smugly and says haughtily,

Don’t mind V. He’s just weird.”

Okay. Let me break it down. I HATE these kinds of people. I H.A.T.E them. I know I talk about loving people you don’t like and everything, but I CANNOT STAND when someone ( especially a little kid) acts like he’s the coolest thing on the block and says something as horrible that with the most confident tone, especially directed at someone as KIND and INNOCENT as V, who never did ANYTHING to deserve such harsh words.

I didn’t care that there were teachers nearby. As soon as he smugly said those words,my automatic reflexes kicked in and I retort back “And you’re just mean.

And I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what happened in that 30 second instance. And so I want to share this quote with you guys.

 What made me so angry when the boy said that? It wasn’t just his tone or his expression. It wasn’t the way he said it like saying those words made him the coolest thing ever. It was what he meant. Like “weird” defined entirely who V was. Because he was so called “weird“, he was lesser than everyone else.. And I believe everyone’s been told this before. That people with disorders are the same as everyone else, and we shouldn’t discriminate, etc etc. But have you ever truly felt that way? I felt like a good person by being nice to V. But I also enjoyed the feeling of having people laugh and think I was funny every time I saw V and ran in the opposite direction.

But instead of “understanding” this quote, I truly feel it resonate inside of me. Yes, V is not like everyone else.He has a disorder, he doesn’t talk like other people, but he’s not even 1% close to being any less that you or I. And this goes for anyone who’s been told they’re either “weird,” “Not normal,” or “un-cool.” Just by existing and being the best version of yourself, you are equal to everyone.

V is one of the kindest people I know. I used to think him wanting to hug everyone was embarrassing.But it’s the sweetest thing ever.He’s always radiating positivity, always eager to talk.He’s like a little red-headed sun walking around campus giving everyone hugs.

So what happened today was an awakening to me.How I’ve been acting and feeling around him was totally unacceptable, no matter that people say “oh V is simple, he doesn’t catch on.” Because no one deserves that. And in fact, V is the most deserving of as much kindness he can get, because he truly embodies all the qualities a good person should have. And these days fewer and fewer people are dropping those qualities in exchange of being “cool.”

So what I want to say is that if you’re different, never let someone change you to fit their expectations. Define yourself, don’t let others do it for you! Highlight your qualities! Embrace your uniqueness and remember that no one can define who you are.Write your own story and proudly read it to the world.

If you read this post, I hope you do what V does and give out as many hugs as you can, no matter what people think of you. I know now from now on I won’t care what people think about me. I’ll give him the biggest hugs ever. I’ll talk to him as loud as I can. I’ll gladly walk down the halls with him. Cause you know what?

F the haters.

Stay beautiful <3

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