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As February ends, I’ve had some time to reflect on the highlights of this month of love. A lot has happened, and I feel like this was the month I was most productive in and made the most progress towards this blog. For example, I bought a domain name! So www.keliee.blogspot is now officially! In a way, it makes this blog feel more official, and for those of you guys that still have the .blogspot or .wordpress, I really recommend purchasing your own domain name. I used Namecheap ,which charges you $10.87 per year.

Anyways, this month I’ve been loving so many things! From music to books to food and products, I can’t wait to share them with you. Since this is a fairly new section, I’ll be adding on categories as I go, but please comment below favorites categories you want to see and I’ll be happy to try them out.

So much good music has been released this month, but here are a few selects that I have had on repeat nonstop.

1.I Want You To Know-ZEDD feat.Selena Gomez
This song is an EDM track, and features Selena’s vocals. No more words needed, just go listen to it :D.

I’m really not into the bubblegum cutesy side of the Kpop world, but a Youtube dance channel did a cover of this song and when I watched it, I immediately searched up the MV. To my knowledge, it’s won 21 times on various award shows in 2014 and was the most awarded single by a girl group. To many people’s surprise, because they’re not a super big hit like SNSD. Nevertheless, I can see why. It’s not a complicated song, but a sweet one with a simple but cheery tune. I don’t know, there’s something about it that really sticks with you. It’s like fuzzy socks and hot cocoa.

3.Long Distance- G.E.M
Check out my review here. It’s been a long time sister.

Yesss! Got to have the favorites for these! I’ve discovered so many goodies this month and they’re to die for! 
1.Crispy Sea Salt Baked Crackers
Would you believe me if I said these are one of the best snacks I’ve ever had in my life? Would you believe me if I told you that these taste like Pringles but are good for you? Nah I wouldn’t, but THEY ARE! These gluten free low sodium crackers taste just like Pringles and satisfy junk food cravings, so what’s not to like? I’ve been eating them with avocado spread, but basically anything goes well with it. And better yet, they come in various other flavors such as Cheddar Cheese.
2.TAZO Organic Darjeeling Black Tea
You might have seen my Instagram posts, but I was gifted a treat basket and a box of this was in it. It’s been freezing ( well as cold as it gets down here) outside, and when I got home from school I made myself a cup of this steaming, flavorful tea and added a splash of soymilk. This tea not only tastes good, It really warms you up. I love TAZO’s packaging as well, and I can’t wait to try their other teas. 
I’ve only tried a few new product this month, but nevertheless I didn’t want to omit this section.I’ll have more next time, promise!
1.Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser
I got a sample of this in 17 Magazine, and needless to say I fell in love with it as soon as it squirted out. It’s a charcoal cleanser, but the product smears on clear. It has MAJOR cooling effects, and leaves the skin so refreshed. And the scent- gosh I’m still trying to come up with where I’ve smelled this scent before, but for now all I can say is that it reminds me of that triple layer trident strawberry gum. Anyways, it’ s a wonderful scent but it’s not overpoweringly sweet too. And it’s left my skin super soft and moisturized as well. I’ll definitely be willing to buy the whole bottle.

2.JASON Aloe Vera Pure Natural Hand Soap
This is a soap a bit on the pricey side but very well worth it! It comes out clear and doesn’t foam, and the scent is amazing. Very cooling and moisturizing due to the Aloe Vera, so if you get a burn or something. . .
I’ve discovered so many cool and useful apps this month. 
This is probably one of the most efficient and useful apps that ever existed. For people like bloggers or businesses that rely on social media for promotion, this app is for you! It simultaneously posts to various apps with just one click, or you can schedule them to do so automatically. It saves me a lot of time, so I don’t have to jump back and forth between apps to post the same content. The only thing I don’t like this app is that it’s lacking in various social networks such as Instagram. But you can post to facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, linked, etc.
A great photo editing app that helps you make professional and sharp photos. The filters are gorgeous, and you can connect with other photographers and browse through galleries. Does not work without Wifi.

Books, shows, and media-related things you have to check out!

BOOK:Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
I just finished this book for English class, and it’s a very short but emotional read. There’s a lot of foreshadowing that plays an important part in the climax. It’s about two migrant ranch workers, George and Lennie, that look for work at a farm in Salinas, California. Lennie has mental issues and acts like a child, so George needs to get him out of trouble. All goes well until one day. . .
This isn’t a new thing, but I’ve found it popping up in many places recently, and it’s steadily gaining popularity. I think it’s the most brilliant thing ever. How it works is that people rent out their houses in places all over the world, and if your traveling, you can select what part you’re traveling to and pick different price ranges of places to stay. Therefore you get the full experience of actually living in that area. Plus you have access to all your living essentials such as a kitchen with microwaves and stoves, so unlike if you were staying at a hotel, you would be able to do the things you would do at home. They’re website is so sleek and well-styled, and is super user-friendly and easy to use. There is an app as well.

I’ve subscribed to some great Youtubers this month, so check them out!
1.Jamie Oliver-Food Tube
A food/cooking channel that features different chefs from around the world. He also does 1 minute cooking tips, a bunch of collabs, and travels to a bunch of places to diversify the recipes. He’s done Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian, and more. Plus he has a British accent. 
A beauty guru with a sunny personality and a bunch of helpful videos such as getting your own Youtube channel started and how to be successful in that.
And that concludes my February Favorites! I hope you guys check these out, and be sure to comment if you liked this post. If you do, I’ll certainly keep doing Monthly Favorites and will add in more categories.

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