10 Unique Ways to Make Money/Earn Rewards


I’ve always been trying to come up with ways to earn money to fuel my interests, whether it be selling things or trying to come up with a business. For those people out there who are interested in making money, selling unused objects, or just need a little extra cash, I’ve compiled some very interesting and creative websites/apps that will do the job.They’re fun to use too! This site comes in website form and app form. Once you register, you can take surveys, watch short videos (advertorial), play games, etc. Each task if worth a certain amount of points, and you can redeem a certain number of points for giftcards.

2.Viggle: An app available for iPhone or Android. Every time you watch tv or listen to music, you can “check in” and point your phone towards the sound. It will recognize the show/song and will reward you a certain number of points. Each song is worth 100 points, and the points awarded to tv check-ins depend on the duration. There are also daily bonuses on certain shows, so make sure you check when those are available. There’s a Viggle store you can redeem prizes from, and they include products, giftcards, and merchandise.

3.Quirky: Calling all innovative designers! Have you ever gotten an idea for a product and thought “wow, if only I had a way to make this exist?” Well Quirky’s the place for you! It’s a website where you can submit your ideas for new inventions and users can vote for the ones they like best. If you’re idea is chosen, the company will actually produce and sell your idea and you’ll receive royalty for it. Products that have been made include garage controllers, energy monitored wall outlets, egg separators, and more! Have an eye for design? Submit your designs for logos, websites, t-shirts, and more! Winners receive a cash prize. Are you a great note taker? Do you have a bunch of un-used notes from your college courses that are just lying around collecting dust? Well, sell them on Flashnotes! It’s a great website for students who are looking to buy/sell notes, flashcards, or an explanation video. Users have made thousands of dollars, so take a shot!

6.Textbroker:For all the writers out there! Did you know that people pay to write their blog posts, social media, business info, and just general content? allows you to turn your hobby into a professional job! And the best part? There’s no limit to the cash you earn.

7.SliceThePie: No extra words needed. Get paid to review music. What could be better?

8.Maximiles: Watch videos and earn points to redeem in the shop! The clips are usually advertorials, and there are new ones everyday. UK based.

9.Clickworker: Just like Textbroker, you get paid to write content. But besides that, you can also do other jobs such as data entry,research on the web, and product reviews. Before you start though, you have to complete a test that you core 90% or above. Payment method is Paypal.

10.FieldAgent: Ever fancied being a spy? Well with this app, you get paid a few bucks per task to go places and snap pictures. Examples would be going in a specific store and taking a picture of the prices.

And that’s it for this post! I hope this was helpful!


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