An Incurable Case of Wanderlusting



  1. a strong desire to travel.
I often refer to myself as a “wanderluster.” Over the years, I’ve developed such a strong urge to visit as many places as I can, and ironically, as soon as I developed that lust to wander, my traveling opportunities dwindled. In fact, years prior, I hated traveling. Visiting parts of China, national parks, historical cities, etc.etc. was something I hated with a passion. Traveling was never thing for me, but at that time my parents took me everywhere.Now that I’ve gotten older and learned so much of the beauty the world has to offer, I have developed, as people online have called it, an “incurable case of wanderlusting.”
But said in this context makes it sound like an illness. In fact, does this so called “case of wanderlusting” need to be suppressed? Surprisingly, I think this can be answered as both a maybe and no. Maybe, because haven’t you ever heard of the saying “a little bird who’s urges to fly one day will spread it’s wings and never come back to the nest?” Probably not cause I just made that up. Anyways, what I mean is that there are the people with the free spirits. The ones that flit from one place to another, never still.Wanderlust does that to people. In the end, they never settle down. The desire to travel takes over their normal lives, and “remedies” must be found to keep them grounded from spending the next of their lives like Chris Mccandless.
On the other hand, I also think no. Because wanderlusting can be such a wonderful thing for people like me who wind up splayed out on the sofa sleeping with my laptop and doing nothing but tweeting to my 33 Twitter followers who probably don’t even care. Wanderlusting is such an incredible feeling. It’s indescribable, actually.It’s like a faint tug. A gentle nudge. A soft pull. And then suddenly, a full blown desire to see the night lights of Hong Kong. Walk the clean streets of sunny Singapore. Feel the salty breezes of San Francisco envelop you in it’s embrace and walk along the piers and feed the pigeons.
Wanderlust- not just a strong desire to travel. It’s also a strong desire to escape. To live a few days as someone else, away from the people in your everyday lives that judge and know you.To meet new people. To add a unique chapter in your book.To fly to Seoul and maybe see Sehun in a bubble tea store.Yeah that was deep wasn’t it.
What inspires wanderlust? It’s different for many people. Sometimes extreme sadness. Loneliness. Stress. Other times happiness. Curiosity.Coming-of-age. Growing up. I love this sign I saw somewhere on wanderlust that said “just stop, drop, and go.” Because in my case, I would love to do that. Drop everything and book the next ticket to New York.Oh New York, the city that never sleeps. The city where dreams come true. I still remember the first time I went to New York and visited Times Squares- gazing at the endless billboards and commercials that flashed in the black sky. The throng of people jostling each other to get to the subway. So much inspiration in compacted and squished in one place. . . I told one of my best friends (more like soulmate cause we have the same name) who lives in Beijing that one day the two of us should just drop everything and travel the world together. First travel the cities in the U.S like my hometown, Los Angeles, New York, etc., and then move on to Asia and go to Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and then end in Beijing.Wouldn’t that be amazing?!!!
I wrote down on a little slip of paper once, before I’m 30, I wanted to:
  • Go to Taiwan and watch music concerts to my heart’s content
  • Go to Singapore and eat everything
  • Go to South Korea and buy everything and try to get picked up to become a K-Pop star. ( har har har)
  • Go to Los Angeles and try Chipotle
  • Go to Australia and see the baby koalas
  • Go to Malaysia and Indonesia and say hi to my internet friends there
  • Go to Hong Kong and look out from Victoria Harbour
  • Visit my birthplace Sweden
  • Go to London and demand the government why the 4th season of Sherlock has not been released yet
  • Go to New Zealand and see the Shire
  • Go to the Philippines and somehow try to bring all their mangoes back to the U.S
  • Go to Canada again because the last time I went, her beauty blew me away.
Where do you guys want to go and what do you want to do there?Lots of love,

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