Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know

As you guys know, I’m a sucker for hacks. Anything that will make my life easier is a plus for me! I did a post a while back about how to dry your nail polish in an instant, you can read it here. Anyways, here are a bunch of fashion hacks for when you’re in a quick fix, emergency, or just to make things easier.
1.Wrinkled shirt collar and no time to lug out the ironing board? Run it over with a hair straightener!
2.Spilled red wine on that pretty dress of yours? Blot with white wine and the stain will disappear.
3.Avoid wearing the same thing over again by turning your hangers around everytime that outfit is worn. 
4.Is there a faint odor emitting from your shoes? Sprinkle with baby powder and leave overnight.
5.Apply moisturizer to scratches on leather.
6.Prevent and remove yellow sweat stains by spraying the area with lemon juice before tossing it into the laundry.
7.Soften t-shirts by soaking them in salt water for three days and then washing. Works best for cotton t-shirts.
8.Canvas shoes are so cute to wear but unfortunately aren’t waterproof. Fix that by rubbing with beeswax! It works, I promise.
9.Prevent runs in stockings by spraying with hairspray.
10.To remove stuck gum from any piece of clothing, rub with an ice cube to get it as cold as possible and then pry off with a knife.
11.Stuck zipper? Dab it with olive oil and then pull it. It’ll unstick.
12.Don’t ever have to worry about gritting your teeth throughout the night just to rock those killer heels. Swipe your heels with deodorant to prevent blisters.
13.Use a glue gun if you don’t have the time to hem a rip or tear.
14.Re-string your hoodie string by threading it through a straw.
Do you know anymore hacks? I’d love to know about them!


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