5 Tips To Declutter Your Room


When it comes to rooms, the slightest misplaced item or untidy bed can cause them to appear cluttered and messy. Even so, there are a few tips that will make a huge difference, even if you have a small and compact room!

1.Make Your Bed

I for one love the feeling of a freshly made bed, and I feel like the first thing my eyes settle on when I walk into a room is the bed. If the bed covers are messy and tangled up, it’ll cause the room to appear unorganized and cluttered. But when you wake up, people are usually too lazy or too much in a rush to do their beds. But like anything else, it takes 30 days to break into a habit. Try making it a game, like locking the door and not leaving until the bed is made, or making it the very first thing you do in the morning. After consecutive days of doing this, you’ll develop into a habit of always making your bed and in a while like me, you won’t be able to stand an unmade bed.

2.Don’t bring food into the bedroom

It’s really hard for me to abide by this rule, but I’ve been trying to eliminate the habit of bringing food and drinks into my bed slowly, since I love blogging and snacking at the same time. Most of the times when we bring plates and cups in the room, we tend to leave them there and forget to bring them back into the kitchen. Then they pile up, and the bedroom becomes to resemble a den. Try to make the bedroom a “no food” zone and therefore prevent the pileup of things that belong in the kitchen.

3.Purchase clothing storages

There are many useful and nice looking clothing storages out there that you can purchase for an affordable price. They’re an important factor in organizing your clothes, especially if you’re like me and have piles of outgrown clothing lying around everywhere. You can divide different types of clothing such as jeans, shirts, and jackets, and therefore your closet doesn’t overflow and the clothes don’t end up piled on the floor.

4.Reserve the bedroom for just sleeping

 Like I said in the previous points, try to reserve the bedroom for just a sleeping and relaxing area. Study has proven that your brain unwinds and falls asleep easier when there are no electronics, equipment, and other stimulating objects in the same area as where you sleep. Besides that, the less you do and bring into the room means the less you have lying around and building up into clutter. Your body and mind will thank you!

5.Put together a clean color palette

This is a tip more for those who are planning to re-decorate their room or have the time to do so. A fresh and light color palette can cause the room to appear clean and bright. I would choose white, creams, light pinks and blues, and just choose colors that really lighten up the room. In the end, you get to design and transform you room and make it seem uncluttered too!

Hope these 5 tips helped you!

Lots of love,

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