Life Update β™₯ Last Week of School, Summer Plans, Spiralizing Veggies


Hi guys!

Phew, it’s the last week of school. This year has gone by so fast, and I can’t believe all the things that have happened this year. I started this blog late in December, and it’s grown so much. I learned so many things about blogging and computers that I never thought I’d get exposed to. Ask me half a year ago what SEO was and I would be like “what??? Is that like CEO?” And because of this blog, I’ve learned how to approach brands and companies in email, manage social networks professionally, and learn different ways of promotion. Truly, this little creative niche has changed my life, and I can’t wait to deliver more content and connect with more readers in the future. Oh and school? Eh, I’m just glad it’s over, although I will miss most of my classes. I had wonderful teachers this year, and I’ll be sad to leave. πŸ™

But after this week is up, SUMMER’S HERE!!! Do you guys have any plans? I’m going on a one week tour of the East Coast with my Youth Orchestra, and we’ll be playing in cities including South Carolina, Virginia, and in the end. . .Carnegie Hall in New York! Wow. Isn’t that every musician’s dream? And remember that ‘An Incurable Case of Wanderlusting blog post where I talked about how much I want to go back to New York? I’ll get a chance this summer to go to New York without the snow and cold! I wonder what New York is like when it’s warm.^^ So for other summer plans, I’m currently saving up all my money for a Macbook Pro this summer, but dang. . .I wish I could buy a vlogging camera and vlog every moment of my trip. I have my eyes set on the Sony A6000, but I’ve heard really good things about the Canon Powershots. Ugh, why is amazing camera equipment so expensive?!!! Also on that note, I’ll be doing this teen camp thingy in June before my tour, and I’ll be earning $75 a week. So by the end of that, I should have about $300. That, plus the $300 I got from selling my Taylor Swift concert tickets (*tear*) and my current $300 in my savings account should give me $900. The Macbook Pro with Retina Display I want is about $1,300, so $1300-$900=$400, so I should be able to scrape enough of that over time. This is why my mom always asks me why I had to pick such an expensive hobby. XD Don’t even get me started on future filming equipment. Ring lights, upgraded DSLR ( right now I have a 7D, I really want a 70D), editing software. . . Anyways, so besides earning money, I guess I really want to try some new things this summer, like recipes and DIY’s. Since I won’t be going to China this summer, I’ll also have time to hang out with my friends. Maybe we’ll go to the beach. ^^ What do you guys have planned?

So ever since I blogged about WishTrend, an online Korean beauty shop, and showed you guys some special deals and discounts for May, I’ve gotten notified for so many sales through my referral link! Wow, thanks guys! I’m so glad you guys took advantage of the coupon codes and got some really nice products. ( I’m also receiving commission, so thanks for that too, haha XD.) May’s not over yet, so click the link above and follow the instructions to get yourself some goodies, and also stay tuned for more special offers especially for June. Also, WishTrend is sponsoring me to review a product from their site, and I picked out the upgraded Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum. It has amazing reviews, and I can’t wait to try it out. Stay tuned for that review!

Speaking of sponsored reviews, remember when I reviewed Cassey from Blogilate’s book Hot Body Year Round’ ? Well, I picked up another health book from Blogging for Books, and this time it’s a cookbook called ‘Inspiralized’ by a blogger named Ali Maffucci who specializes in making spiraled food from veggies including carrots, zucchinis, and beets. A review for the book will happen whenever I take the time to take pictures and you know, be productive.

I love the idea of veggie noodles- they’re a vegan and low calorie option instead of carbs, and they’re supposed to have the same texture and everything, which blows my mind because, well, they’re zucchinis. So to try, I got myself a mini hand held spiralizer from Amazon, but the book uses the standard and bigger hand crank one that comes with three blades. If you’re looking for a nice arm workout and a cheaper alternative, you can buy the one I bought here, and the standard tri-blade and certainly fancier one here. Unfortunately, all I had on hand were carrots and cucumbers, and it works really well! Except I really don’t recommend using cucumbers because they’re so heavy in water, but carrots work wonderfully and I’m sure other veggies do to.
And you know what the best part is? You can call spiralized zucchini ZOODLES. YAY. πŸ™‚
And a quick music update because ya’ll know that’s a big part of my life and I’m constantly listening to new songs, I’ve been really into Lucy Hale’s latest country album ‘Road Between.’ Love her voice, love that she has a song called ‘Lie a Little Better’ ( this liar can sing- A),  love her. One of my favorite tracks from the album is ‘Just Another Song.’ I’ve also been digging BoA’s lastest album ‘Kiss My Lips’, check out my post about the title track hereI’m contemplating whether or not to do a full on album review. You guys really like them and I like to write them, but they’re just so long. I don’t know, tell me if you want one.
So this is what I’ve been up to lately. If you want more random life updates, check me out on Twitter and Instagram @itskeliee. Oh also, I made a Facebook! I’m so late, but I figured why not? More ways to connect with everyone! Find me here!

Lots of love,


P.S. Am now on Season Six of Parks and Rec. Getting close to the end. Is slowly dying on the inside.

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