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As you may or not have noticed, I did not post an April Favorites. There are several reasons for this, i.e I was lazy, I had too much schoolwork, my um sink started leaking really badly, etc. But the most important reason was in April, there just wasn’t anything new or exciting that I found. And I didn’t want to just scrape together some random objects- I honestly try to share objects that were my favorites in that month. So I would rather not do a monthly favorite if it means not having genuine, new discovered products to feature.

So to make it up, I just want to talk about what’s happening in my life so far, and that happens to have involve many new things! It’s like April leaves and so many things that could have gone into the favorites post popped up for May. First of all, my two best friends got me into Parks and Recreation, and it’s my favorite thing now. The actors are amazing, the characters hilarious, and the episodes short and sweet. It’s something you could kick back and relax to, unlike Game of Thrones where I need a pillow to clutch and sob into ten minutes into the plot. I’m one episode away from Season 3, and my friends let slip that Leslie is going to get married so I swear to God if someone tells me who. . .( I have no threats, I am not Xiaxue who can demolish you with just a blog post O.O. Nor do I have the time.)

I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube as of late, and I’ve seen a bunch of bloggers such as Josie from Fashion Mumbler start making Youtube videos. To answer the question of if I ever will, I want to say that it’s possible in the future, when I grow a larger following and have the money to invest in good film equipment. I’m also at the age where I don’t want to expose too much of my face and plaster it on the web for all to see. My opinion is if I want to become a Youtuber (who wouldn’t?), I’d want to accumulate skills and make sure my videos are top quality before I upload anything. It’s no use if you make crappy videos that no one gives a crap about. But Michelle Phan is one of my biggest inspirations, blog wise and creative wise. I’ve been watching her videos like crazy for the past few days paying close attention to her editing, special effects, and camera techniques. I’m just so amazed by all the creativity and imagination ebbing out of her and her videos. And I just got her new book, which has me in love with her deeper. I can write an entire blog post about her. I luff you Mish! ^^

So far in my Nicecream explorations, I’ve tried plain, strawberry, and nutella. Last week on a very hot day, I finally made mango nicecream! If you don’t know what Nicecream is, it’s basically frozen bananas that can be blended or stuck in a food processor to reach the same consistency of ice cream. It’s also called “guilt free” ice cream, and vegans practically live on it. See my recipe here. Anyways, the ingredients for the mango version is super simple. I just cut a half of a big mango, chopped it in about one inch pieces, and stuck them in a zip lock bag in the freezer for a a day or so. Since I wasn’t going to make a gigantic serving and fill an entire mason jar, I just used two bananas and chopped and froze those as well. Then I took the frozen mango and banana and blended away! The mango gives the nicecream a bright yellow color, and makes it even more creamier and tropical. I also loved that there were bits of frozen mango in the nicecream so there were different textures going on in my mouth and it was BOMB!

I’m still listening to a lot of Marina and the Diamonds, as I’ve mentioned in my Current Music Favorites. My current favorite songs are ‘Prima Donna’ and ‘Power and Control.’ I love her unique, deep voice. And her lyrics are so well written. They’re like little poems but better. 😀 As Asian pop goes, I’ve discovered the K-pop group Fiestar, and right now i’m listening to their newest song ‘You’re Pitiful.’ They appear to be the generic K-pop girl group, as they all have the same look style. So far I don’t see anything special about them, but I could be wrong.

I’ve also found this amazing website called Muffin, a Malaysian beauty system where you can exchange 50 word reviews for Asian beauty products. Check out my post on it here

Lots of love,

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