Tips To Take The Perfect Instagram Food Photo


Okay okay, I know. Those people.

I think all of us are guilty of this at some point, bloggers especially.It’s just so hard to let a perfectly made triple layer cake with pink and white swirl and chocolate drippings or the most vibrant, green salad topped with every color of the rainbow be devoured without leaving behind a perfect image to post on social media. But there are some people that go overboard and insist on taking a picture of every. single. food. *Ahem, bloggers cough cough*

But nevertheless, there’s not anything wrong with doing so.A spam of good #foodporn never hurt anyone, and if you’re going to be uploading all those delicious photos on Instagram, why not make it an art and perfect it? So here are few tips and tricks to help you take the perfect Instagram food photo.

1.Use Natural Or Bright Lighting

Lighting is key to any thing related to media, whether it be photography or videos.So when you have your phone or camera ready to snap a quick pic, try to be near a bright window or go outdoors when the sun is bright. If the room is dark or the lighting is bad, your photos will look terrible no matter what filter or app you use to edit it. Avoid lamps or indoor lighting for a yellow tinged photo, and never use flash in the dark or else it’ll turn the photo green.If you’re in a dark and dim restaurant, first of all, I’d just wait for another opportunity. But if you’re really desperate for a picture and will do anything to get it, ask your friend or someone close to whip out their iPhone and aim their flashlight towards whatever you want to snap.You’ll get a slightly brighter photo. Or lastly, if worse comes to worst, just take a black and white photo and hope it comes out alright. But really, who would be that desperate to take a photo in the dark?

2.Focus And Take Upclose Shots

If the focus of the Instagram is the plate of food, of course you don’t want to show a faraway plate and all it’s surroundings. If that oozing chocolate sauce is the reason you want to showcase your cake to the entire world, then get in there and show them the details. If you’re sitting close enough to what you want to take a picture of, lean in, and either stand up and hover over the plate or just take an up close shot. And make sure to focus- there’s nothing worse than an out of focus, fuzzy picture.

3.Get Creative With Props and Design

If you’re going to take a Instagram pic of your food, you may as well place and design it a little bit. Position your fork and knife by the plate, place a vase of flowers to the side, add a mug of coffee and a book, etc etc. If nothing looks good, you can never go wrong with a plate on white sheets kind of picture.Those always come out sleek, crisp, and clean.

4.Pick Vibrant Colors

If you want to post a food picture, well, just for the sake of posting one, you’ll have time to put together some really colorful things that look good.Nothing beats vibrant, colorful fruits carefully placed on a platter, or a freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Like this one below!

From @Kayla_Itsines

5.Most Importantly-Editing

Probably the most important step to taking the perfect photo, not just for Instagram. Editing. In the end, the filters and the adjustments are the ones that add the finishing touches to your photo and sets it apart from all the others.The iPhone or smartphone should have basic editing apps such as cropping and brightness adjustments, but if you really want to get fancy, here are some apps that I love:

  • VSCO Cam
  • Meitu ( It’s an Asian beauty app, but I use one of it’s filters to give my Instagram photos a soft, pink look.)
  • Afterlight (A paid app, but makes amazing brightness adjustments)
  • Snapseed
  • Camera+
  • And of course, Instagram itself.
So I hope these few tips helped all you Instagram foodies out there! I know people who love taking Instagram food photos bug a lot of people, but there’s really no problem with taking pictures of something you feel is beautiful and should be shared with others! I’d love to see your pictures as well, so be sure to find me on Instagram @itskeliee!

Lots of love,

My Instagram @itskeliee

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