Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


With Father’s Day looming ahead, it’s nice to give our wonderful dads something thoughtful and useful. Thanks to, they’ve got wonderful options for every kind of dad, so I’ve compiled some gift ideas for those who are struggling to think of gifts. But remember, it’s the thought that counts πŸ˜‰

1. Watches: While moms love their accessories, dads love their watches. Whether your dad likes the outdoors, cooking, reading, or any hobby, a watch makes a versatile gift that can be used anywhere and at any time. Plus, if you buy this specific watch, it’s 37% off at Amazon, so click the link to buy one.

2.Polo shirts: This may just be my dad, but he seriously lacks in the clothing department, often wearing the same shirt for days. A set of nice polo shirts or any type of clothing can make a really practical, useful, and thoughtful gift.

3.Canon Rebel T3i (Or any type of camera): This is an investment and sure is on the pricey side, but if you have a big family and get them to pitch in on one gift, a nice DSLR camera would make an awesome gift for a photo enthusiastic dad. The Canon cameras especially take very high quality photos, and I’m sure it will be a very well appreciated gift.

4.Fishing Rod/Kit: For those dads who love to fish! A new fishing rod or fishing kit will surely be appreciated. And as a double fathers day gift, you can agree to go fishing with him! Won’t that make his day πŸ™‚

5.Shaving Razor: For the dapper dad. πŸ™‚ A new upgraded shaving razor is a thoughtful gift. If you’re a girl, you probably wouldn’t understand how much guys like their shaving tools. . .just compare it to your favorite hair curler or hairbrush. I guess that’s how they feel about their razors XD. 

6.Cologne: For the dads that like cologne, a fancy new set is a great idea. You can pair it up with the shaving razor.

7.Fitbit Watch: If your dad loves working out and being healthy, if he already doesn’t own this, there is no way he could not love this gift. A bit on the pricey side, but a Fitbit watch is surely creative, unique, and a very practical and useful gift. If he doesn’t know what it does, explain to him how it can monitor heartbeats, footsteps, calories, sleep, and watch his mind get blown away. πŸ™‚

8.Nutribullet Blender: Also for the healthy dads, a Nutribullet Blender is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, and can be used by the whole family too. ( If the big one is out of your price range, you can get a mini one for his personal use.) Your dad can make smoothies, protein shakes, and mind blowing concoctions. He’ll love it for sure.

So here are some of my suggestions for Father’s Day gifts, but remember these are only what I think would be great gifts. Of course you know your father the best, so feel free to only come here for inspiration. And as always, remember to treat every day like Father’s Day. It’s not the expensive gift that matters- it’s showing and telling your dad that you love him, and we should all be reminded to do that every day.

Lots of love,



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