My Top 10 Travel Essentials


Summer is here! For a lot of people, that means traveling to different places and visiting a bunch of new cities. I, for one am a huge wanderluster, which means I love to travel and I want to go to as many new places as I can. A tip of mine when traveling is to pack as light as possible, yet still bringing the essentials you’ll need on the way. So to help you guys, I’ll be sharing my top 10 travel essentials!

1. A camera
Being a blogger means that a camera while traveling is a must! ( Unless you’re taking a break from blogging duties, which is perfectly understandable.) But even if you’re not uploading snaps somewhere, a camera is the perfect way to capture all the memories. I used to lug around my gigantic Canon 7D DSLR, and I was even crazy enough to bring it with me while I hiked Taishan Mountain, which involved a whole day of climbing up steep steps. The pictures were gorgeous though, but carrying a big and heavy camera around isn’t necessary. I’m saving up for the Sony a5000, a compact camera that’s tiny yet can take photos to rival a DSLR. The flip up screen also makes it nice for vlogging and selfies. πŸ™‚

The Canon 7d
Sony a5000

2. Cross body bag
A bag is always useful to have while exploring a place. I’ve seen a lot of tourists that carry around backpacks, but I’ve always been the type of “less is better” person. I’ve had my handy Rosetti bag for 4 years now, and I always take it with me on trips. Because I can sling it over my body, I don’t have to worry about theft or things dropping out. It zips up as well, and has a bunch of pockets to put things in. And all these years, there hasn’t been a tear or rip anywhere.

I have this in maroon though, but I think they discontinued it cause I can’t find it anywhere!

3. Sunscreen
I need sunscreen, especially during the summer. As an asian, I naturally have a phobia of getting dark, haha! I always carry one in my bag, and I apply it every 80 minutes. If I stay in the sun too long without it, my face turns red and doesn’t fade for a long time. Also, you know how weird it is when different parts of your body are different shades?! I get that so easily! Last summer after China, my neck was brown, my face white, and my feet tanned with the imprint of my sandals. Anyways, even though I have a super grudge against any Neutrogena skin product, my all time favorite sunscreen is their Ultra Sheer Dry Touch 100+ SPF Sunscreen. It’s not oily, smells nice, and really brightens up the skin.

4.A good book/E-reader
Sounds cliche, but I always bring a good book with me to read on the airplane, bus, car, or anywhere that I have time to kill. I also love how you can just fit a book inside your suitcase or carry on, no hassle at all. But when I’m on long flights and really busy car rides, I like to bring my Nook instead where I have e-books downloaded.

5.Makeup bag
Now when I say makeup bag, I actually don’t bring makeup with me on trips. I bring the tiny bag, where I put my toothbrush, mini-toothpaste, lotions, and tissues in. Most hotels also give you free tiny samples, so I also load up the bag with those. Who else does that too? πŸ˜€ Sometimes I throw in a compact mirror in there, but to be honest when I’m traveling I don’t care about my appearance.

I love this one ^^

6. iPod and earphones
I make sure to save my phone battery for emergencies, so I use my little iPod shuffle for music and listening to audiobooks. Unlike an iPhone, the iPod batteries last FOREVER. I once left an audiobook on for 8 hours after falling asleep, and in the morning it was still playing. I just download music from iTunes and audiobooks from Audible, and I listen in taxi and plane rides. I also recommend noise-cancelling earphones for loud public places, but I personally love the apple earbuds with the microphone and remote.

Wow, I remember getting this back in 2010. And it still works with no flaw. This just proves that the most simple things last the longest. 
7.Lipbalm and gum
These two are something I’ll always have in my bag. My lips get really chapped after airplane rides, so I’m continuously swiping lip balm to moisturize them. I always bring the EOS lip balms with me. I love the egg shape and their scents, and they can fit in any container. And I always bring gum to chew while the plane takes off, and it’s nice to have something always on hand to freshen up my breath.
8.Pair of tennis shoes
Flats and sandals are cute, but I always make sure to bring my pair of Nikes for when my feet start aching. Especially being a tourist and walking around the whole city or hiking national parks, nikes are my top essential because they’re so comfortable and the chances of them coming apart are slim. I also like how bouncy they are and they give the soles of my feet extra support.
9.Extra phone/laptop charger
I never know when something will happen or if anything will get lost or get broken, so I make sure to bring an extra charger for my phone and laptop just in case. This also goes for clothes and toiletries. You never know when you might need more of one thing, so I’ll always pack extra socks and toothpaste. Better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.
Probably the most important, haha! I always like to bring a snack to eat while waiting at the airport, and especially if it’s a road trip! Then you gotta load up on the junk food. But I always make sure to bring compact ones. I’ll throw a couple of granola bars in my carry on to snack on. They’re nutritious and super filling. I also love fruit, so I’ll bring apples and other fruits that don’t leak a lot of water. When I was waiting to board my delayed flight to New York a few years ago, my friend brought a bag of pretzel chips, and they were SO GOOD. They come in a bunch of flavors like chips, but aren’t messy and don’t crumble. My favorite has to be buffalo wing, but I’ve yet to try the others.
So these are my top 10 travel essentials! I hope these helped you, and remember, everyone has different essentials. Comment below what your’s are!
Lots of love,
P.S: Check out my post An Incurable Case of Wanderlusting for my rambles on all the places I want to travel! ^^

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