3 Refreshing Summer Treats To Make At Home


When it comes to summer, nothing hits the spot better than homemade, refreshing treats to battle the hot weather. Living in the south where the high is always in the 100 degree range, I personally love cold fruits, smoothies, ice, and just anything that’s refreshing and hydrating! So if you’re a fan of those things too, here are 3 of my favorite summer treats that are easy and quick to make at home. No fancy equipment needed!

Blend all your ingredients in a blender set on “smoothie” mode. It’s important to remember that unlike making banana ice cream, we’re aiming for a liquid formula, one that’s thick and creamy. That’s why there’s no need to whip out the food processor. I bought the frozen berries pre-frozen from Costcos, but you can freeze fresh ones the night before as well. You can also substitute the berries for other fruits. Ice is optional because the frozen berries makes the smoothie cold enough, but if you want that extra icy crunch, go ahead and add a handful or two of ice cubes. Pour the smoothie into a bowl, and get ready to decorate!


I forgot to add in the ingredients list the amount of fruit needed for the toppings, but if you’re modeling off of the one I made, all you’ll need is one more banana and a handful of the frozen berries. Line them alongside each other, dig a spoon in, and enjoy!

I’ve seen so many papaya boat/bowl recipes on Instagram, and I was so excited to try this for breakfast one day. I was not disappointed. It was cool, tropical, sweet, and so good. Take your papaya and cut off the heel. How deep you want your bowl to be depends on how far up you decide to make your cut. Then the rest is simple! Dig out the seeds, and there will be a hole to fill up with all sorts of other fruits. Take your mango and slice 1/4 of it into bite size chunks. Fill it into the papaya, and then follow up with a handful of blueberries. I didn’t have any blueberries on me so I just substituted with dried ones. Take your spoon, go outside, and dig in! ( Also, I recommend cutting more mango chunks and refilling it as you eat because there is more papaya than the few mango chunks put in the hole.)

Such a simple classic, yet one that will never get old. All you need to do is to take however much watermelon you want to freeze, smash it up with a fork, and then toss it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, you’ll find yourself with a cool and sweet watermelon slushi! Top with a slice of lime and dig in. This one especially really helps me cool down on a hot day 🙂

So these are 3 of my favorite summer treats that are so easy to make at home! I hope you try them out, and be sure to tell me what you think.

Lots of love, and keep cool!

Keliee <3

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