Girl’s Day ‘Ring My Bell’ Teaser Inspired Look


Besides Kpop’s dangerous ability to suck you into a black hole of obsessive fangirling, one thing I’ve always admired the industry for is their fashion. No matter if the song is plastic pop, the vocals are terrible, and the music video just plain weird, you gotta hand it to them- they always look good.

With summer the prime season of group comebacks such as SNSD, SISTAR, and Girl’s Day, I was most blown away by the outfits featured in Girl’s Day’s ‘Ring My Bell’ teaser photo. There’s something so simple yet chic about the white accented with black, and even though the four girls are wearing the same colors, each seems unique and special in their own way.

Here’s a style guide I put together with some looks inspired by the teaser photo. It’s not exact, but it’s an overall similar look:

The whole theme is just really elegant and sophisticated, so anything long, white, and flowy will give you that effect. It looks like the material of the skirts in the teaser photo are a sheer material, so look for a sheer maxi skirt if you want something as close to what the girls are wearing. The crop tops can be found just about anywhere, and just about any type of strap will go with the skirt. Every girl is wearing a hat, and it looks like a black bowler hat. To make this outfit more casual and music festival-like, switch it out with a black floppy hat or a sun hat. It also looks like all the girls except Yura are wearing white pumps, which elongate the legs. Yura’s shoes look more like wedge sandals, which I’ve included as well. Since this look is something I see worn at festivals like Coachella, the wedge sandals would make the outfit more casual and toned down.
The makeup in the teaser photo looks super natural and fresh, which compliments these white outfits perfectly. Go for a light lip color like a peach lip tint or lipstick, and seal it in with a clear gloss. Their brows look filled in with just a light brown eyebrow pencil, and are straight and non arched for an innocent and dolly look. Since this isn’t a bold look, go for a thin liquid liner and draw a tapered “puppy dog style” line downwards. Pop in a pair of circle lenses, apply a light coat of mascara, add a peach colored blush, and you should be done.

Now go find a road in the middle of the a dry terrain, strike a pose, and channel your inner Girl’s Day.

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