Theme It: Pineapple Print


 Pineapple Obsession / ROMWE Pullover / Pineapple Canvas BagPineapple Louche Earrings / Pineapple Watercolor iPhone 6 Case / Flossy Pineapple Frassy

I always love to see inventive prints out there, such as the emoji sweaters and the ice cream shorts. It’s nice to see people breaking away from the “conservative” solid colors and having a little fun with their styles. Ever since spring 2014 when more and more designers have been incorporating fruits into their clothes and accessories, many people have been rocking the theme. Since it’s summertime, I’m loving the yellows and greens of the pineapple print. It’s cute, fun,  bright and refreshing to wear. I’ve compiled a little style guide featuring some amazing designs I found online. My personal favorites are the Pineapple Obsession dress and the Pineapple Watercolor iPhone 6 Case, the case being designed by the one and only Dana from The Wonder Forest. She sells amazing watercolor phone case designs on Casetify, many of which are fruit prints. Check it out if you’re interested!

Tell me guys, how would you choose to wear this print? What are your favorite ones?

Lots of love,


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