Klairs BB Cream & Creamy and Natural Fit Concealer Review


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Wishtrend was so kind to send me some more new products to review for you guys, and I was super excited to see that it would be the Klairs BB Cream and Concealer. I’ve heard so many good things about Klairs products, and after trying them out for a week, I’ve got lots to say about them. Let’s get started!


I’m always picky about BB cream or foundation, as the ones sold in America here tend to be too thick or cakey for my liking. That’s why for those of you who are looking for some light to medium coverage that’s natural enough to wear to school, this BB Cream is perfect for that. The only thing is that the BB Cream comes only in one shade, so it’s not suitable for super tan to dark skin.

The BB Cream claims to:

  • whiten
  • moisturize
  • contain an SPF of 40+
  • smooth out pores
  • conceal redness
  • provide even coverage

The first thing I noticed about the BB cream is that it was kind of a hassle to squeeze the product from the tube. At first squeeze nothing would come out, then with added pressure it would come out all at once and splatter down the sides of the nozzle. Other than that, the packaging was very sophisticated and instructions easy to read. I apply a tiny dab on my forehead, checks, nose, and chin, and blend with my fingers, although I’m sure a brush would work better. The results were nothing short of amazing. It instantly lightened up my skin, shown as I blended half of my face and compared it to the other half. But it doesn’t whiten to the effect of looking like a pale ghost, and again, is extremely natural looking. I also noticed me skin looking balanced and smoothes out, as well as hiding most of the redness that I get around my upper cheeks.




The second thing I noticed throughout the day of wearing the BB cream was that it was super moisturizing. This is great, because essentially you’d be paying the price of a BB Cream and and moisturizer. My face felt supple, hydrated, smooth, and I knew I didn’t have to be afraid of sun exposure, because hold up- there’s also SPF. So that makes it BB Cream + moisturizer + sunscreen all in one bottle for the price of $24.99. Now that’s what I call a deal.

Overall, this BB Cream is definitely one that has you covered for both makeup and skincare, and provides a great natural and flawless look. It’s something I would definitely keep using in my makeup routine, or even by itself on lazy days. One tip I would give for using this BB cream is that a little certainly goes a long way. This is great cause it means I can keep using it longer, hehe 🙂


  • instant blending
  • natural whitening effect
  • even coverage
  • nice scent
  • dewy finish
  • very moisturizing and hydrating
  • feels like you’re wearing nothing on your skin
  • annoying appliance
  • not suitable for people with beige, yellow, or olive undertones


Made to go with the BB Cream, this KLAIRS concealer is hands down one of my favorites because it looks and applies like mascara, making it’s appliance super easy, fast, and simple. I apply this concealer after using the BB cream, swiping once over my dark under eye circles and then over little areas such as pimples and breakouts. Then I dabb with my ring finger until everything is covered. It has a great matte finish, and definitely blends into the skin very well. The only thing I was not very impressed with was its ability to cover everything, as even with multiple layers, some pimples still showed through. So for those with super acne prone skin and breakouts, you might want to think of getting a heavier concealer. But this one is perfect for a natural and soft look for skin with minimal damage.


  • easy appliance
  • natural coverage
  • matte finish
  • hydrating and moisturizing effect
  • covered most of redness, blemished, and blackheads
  • no heavy coverage when needed
  • not suitable for people with darker skin
  • slightly darker shade than BB Cream, which to me doesn’t make sense.
Overall, this BB cream and concealer have definitely made it into my must-have beauty products. They’re the perfect size to slip into a purse or bag, give a great natural and even coverage, and do well in hiding most blemishes. It’s also a great starter for those just transitioning into wearing foundation and concealer. I definitely recommend them. 🙂

To buy the BB cream, click here
To buy the concealer, click here

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