5 Videos To Get You Inspired For Halloween


Ah, Halloween.The night when the veil between the dead and the living is the thinnest. . . and also the season of white face paint and cheap Costco skeletons. Although it’s not one of my favorite celebration of the year, I love all the creativity that floats around, especially when it comes to costume designs. So to get you guys ( and me ) inspired for the upcoming spooktacular evening, here are my top 5 favorite Halloween videos!

1. Halloween Favorites- Michelle Phan

My all time hero and inspiration, I look forward to Michelle’s Halloween videos every year. Besides her amazing makeup transformations, I love the things she talks about in this Halloween Favorites video. And she looks especially adorable in this video.

2. Beginners Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Bloody Eye- Wengie

This a great beginners video for those of you who really like the creepy and gory makeup looks. Wengie has been a Youtuber I’ve watched since the beginning, and it’s been so inspiring watching her channel and makeup skills grow in the past few years. The editing in this video was on point as usual, so even if you don’t plan on doing this look, it’s still a super fun video to watch.

3. Fairy Halloween Makeup Tutorial- Wengie

An older one of Wengie’s halloween videos, which I’ve always had a deep impression of because the makeup is so beautiful yet haunting in a way. It’s really simple, light, yet still makes the point of being a halloween makeup look.

4. Creepy Scarecrow Makeup- Promise Phan

Extremely talented makeup artist Promise Phan ( Michelle Phan’s sister in law ) is known for her extreme transformations into celebrities and fictional characters. And she goes all out for Halloween. This is for you Coraline fans out there 🙂 Definitely a head turner.

5. 40 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes- Niki and Gabi

For the younger girls out there, this is a fun video that’ll surely give you 40 new costume ideas. No extreme makeup needed, and all clothing pieces you can probably find in your closet. Niki and Gabi are also super energetic and fun, so watching this video will definitely inspire you to get pumped for Halloween!

Alright guys, that’s it for this Halloween post. I’m thinking of doing some more Halloween related posts, but to be honest, I’m just not a Halloween type of girl. The most I do is throw on some cat ears and draw on a thick cat line. But hey- maybe that’ll change in a few years 🙂 Then be prepared for some spoooookey.

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