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A clean and organized workspace is what everyone should strive for. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Clutter tends to build up, and the common thought always seems to be “why put it away when we’ll need it again?” But right now, I want you to stop reading this and take a look at your desk. Do you really need everything that’s piled up there?

I’ve recently asked this question to myself, and made it a Saturday goal to rid my desktop of everything but the essentials. So to inspire you to do the same, here are some of the ones I picked out.

1. Pencil Holder

I always consider a pencil cup holder to be a definite essential to any desktop. It holds all your pencils, pens, and miscellaneous writing objects. But instead of getting a boring one from Office Depot, there are tons of DIY pencil holders out there. I love love love this DIY geometric one from It transforms your desk from just a boring surface to one that inspires you to sit down and be creative.

2. Stationary

Stationary items are a must to keep on your desk, because there will always be a need for them. This varies with people, but my definition of stationary extends towards pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and staplers. I’m extremely obsessed with Asian stationary, so that means pastels, florals, and everything miniature. In fact whenever I go to China, the first thing on my shopping list is stationary items.

3. Laptop Charger

Nothing really unique or surprising about this one, but definitely an essential! Gotta power the Macbook with some apple juice. 🙂

4. Water bottle

When I sit down at my desk, i’m probably not getting up for a while. That’s why I like to keep a water bottle next to me so I’m reminded to keep hydrated. I recommend a glass one, because plastic water bottles tend to build up and turn into clutter when finished.

5. Planner or notebook

Keeping a planner or a journal by your side is a great way to stay organized and have a list of what you need to do. For me, when I get sudden flashes of inspiration or ideas, I need to jot them down before I forget. I also love how customizable you can be!

6. Desk Light

A desk light is a must for me because my house has terrible lighting. Oh how I lust after those apartment and desk tours I see from other bloggers that sit under a gigantic window flooded with natural light. Sigh…

And that’s it for my desktop essentials! Of course I have more things currently sitting on my desk, but these are the prominent ones that come to mind. Feel free to add on some things you feel like I’ve missed, and I’d love to hear what your desktop essentials are!

Lots of love,


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