September Beauty Favorites


Wow. September was one heck of a month. That’s right- a whopping TWO blog posts were published. How amazing of a blogger am I? Before you nod your head, I just want to say that September really was a crazy month, and for personal reasons, blogging was not my priority. But I’m back now, although unfortunately because of school, I won’t have hordes of posts coming at you, but I’ve definitely upped my game.

September was also a month of probably the most beauty products I’ve really loved. In fact the ones I’m highlighting in this post are ones I use in my everyday routine- and since everyday is mostly school, they’re great for a natural look.

1.Clinique’s Chubby Stick Baby Tint

This is not a lipstick. I repeat. This is NOT a lipstick. Thank you.

I love this tinted lip balm because it’s the perfect color. It gets redder with every appliance, which eventually fades into a light pink which is my favorite lip color. It’s sheer, with no heaviness whatsoever. Since it’s also a lip balm, it really moisturizes the lips. And it’s called a chubby stick. How cute is that?

2.NARS Satin Lip Pencil


I got this as a free birthday gift from Sephora in July, but I never used it until a few weeks ago. The color is a bit bold for everyday wear, but it’s great as an alternative to lipstick. The consistency is light and quite shimmery, and the color is simply gorgeous. It’s a great transition shade for fall.

3. KLAIRS Illuminating Supple Blemish BB Cream

Wishtrend sent me a BB cream to review for you guys. The KLAIRS BB cream is known for it’s natural coverage, and I would definitely have to agree. This BB cream has made it into my everyday makeup routine. It’s lighter than foundation, and since it’s by a Korean brand, the shade is very suited for asian skin tones. It also contains SPF 40 and is a moisturizer, which makes it worth every cent.


Wishtrend also sent me a concealer to try out alongside the BB cream, and I fell in love the moment I unscrewed it to see that it was a mascara-like applicator. I find them way easier to apply than power or squirt-out concealers, especially when covering under eye circles- all you need is to swipe. It’s slightly lighter than the BB cream, making it a great highlighter as well. It’s great with covering up rednesses, blemishes, and acne scars. It doesn’t do so well with pimples though.




This is my first felt liner from Sephora, and I am so glad I got it. Unlike many other liquid liners I’ve tried, this one dries within seconds, and is super easy to remove. I like to do a straight line angled down, but this liner makes a winged line super easy as well. I kid you not when I say I wear this everyday.
Which one of these products is your favorite? 
Lots of love,


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