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Over the years, Instagram has become something so much more than a place to upload dimly lit snaps of cats and un-edited pictures of family reunions. There was no VSCOcam, trending hashtags, and “themes.” But now, Instagram has become the ultimate niche for businesses, brands, bloggers, designers, and creative enthusiasts eager to share their passion with the world. Instagram has truly evolved into an art form in itself. Recently, I’ve started my own “themed” Instagram feed and I’ve been inspired by so many Instagram accounts out there. Here are my top 10 must follow Instagram accounts.

1. @Lichipan


I stumbled across blogger Lichipan’s Instagram account one day in my Explore page, and I instantly fell in love with her semi-washed out snaps full of flatlays, food, and travel. Her photos inspire me so much, and everything about her feed screams creativity.

2. @Taramilktea

Taramilktea’s Instagram popped up for me after I followed Lichipan. I love the vibrant colors that Tara plays with, combining drool worthy food snaps and breathtaking shots of her travel escapades. Her account is great for all you travel enthusiasts, and just those who love a daily dose of colorful.

3. @mattcrump

Even though we don’t live in a pastel world, we can live it in Matt’s Instagram account. His snaps center around bright neons, pinks, blues, and anything pastel. I love his editing skills and eye for seeing the color in the dullest everyday object. His posts really inspire me in my designs.

4. @Juciachong

Jucia’s Instagram was one of the first accounts I followed, way before I got into experimenting with different themes and such. I also can’t believe she only has 6K followers, because her account definitely is on par with those of 10K and up. Nevertheless, I love the bright colors infused with pinks and purples, and her food pics are definitely drool worthy. She’s also super sweet, so drop by and say hi!

5. @wonderforest


All time blogging fairy godmother Dana over at is not just known for her talent at blogging and watercolor. She’s also killing it at the Instagram theme game, amassing 45K+ followers for her beautiful washed out, grey feed. Everything is so minimalistic, though so cozy and inviting. I’d be content settling down with a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon and just scrolling through her snaps of her artwork, cats, and phone cases.

6. @Michellephan

With over 8 million subscribers on Youtube, a makeup line, and a company with a net worth of over three million, Michelle Phan (my ultimate inspiration and role model) is a name that everyone knows on the internet. She’s also a true artist at heart, and that’s reflected in her Instagram feed that all her fans coo over in the comment section. She uses color filters, switching different ones every two-three rows. Everything is just so aesthetically pleasing.

7. @Tiny_kittenn

Everything about this Instagram account is fun, cute, and light. She also features adorable baked goodies, Totoro lattes, and lots of fresh berries and fruit.

8. @colour_me_creative

I stumbled across Kristina Webb’s Instagram a while back, and I remember being surprised that she had almost 2 million followers. But that was before I saw her photos. You don’t have to be an artist or art lover to appreciate this girl’s work. She combines her sketches with real life photos, and it looks so so so amazing. Ugh. I’ve always been so jealous of artistically talented people.

9. @milkthistles

As an avid lover of all things pink and flowery, let’s all take a moment and appreciate the existence of this account. Thank you. But really, I luh luh love the color scheme that milkthistle chose, and how she incorporates flowers and fruits in her shots. Although she has so many followers, she still responds to so many comments, which is really sweet. This account really inspires me to find the pretty in every ugly, and keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

10. @katnt

If you like flatlays of food and beautiful travel photos, this account will make you go crazy. It’s packed full of tables clustered with strategically placed goodies and pastries, beach shots, and snaps from around the world. Definitely a jealous-worthy Insta account for wanderlusters and foodies.

Of course there are so many more wonderful Instagram accounts out there, but I hope you liked my collection of 10. If you like what you see, please head over to their accounts, give them a follow, and leave a nice comment. All 10 of these lovely people have such a gift for making life’s ordinary things into such beautiful photos. And if you have other Instagram accounts you’d like to recommend me to check out, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Lots of love,


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