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December is here, which means it’s time for a monthly favorites post! November flew by in a blink of an eye, but I still had time to collect a bunch of my favorite finds of the month. The majority of them are web based, so you can definitely check them out without having to purchase. The goal of my monthly favorites are to introduce to you guys awesomeness that you probably wouldn’t stumble upon on your own, so without further ado. . .



I had this post planned out before I wrote my 10 Must Follow Instagram Accounts that I published last week, but November was definitely the month where I went all out on finding new Instagram accounts to follow. My top two favorites that I make a daily routine to check for new pics are Lichipan and Taramilktea. Their pictures honestly make me so happy.


Scream Queens: After finding out Scream Queens was filmed on Tulane University’s campus, where I’ve literally grown up taking walks and bike rides in, I decided to check it out. Before I knew it, I had caught up in all the episodes in a week. It’s the perfect mix of comedy, horror, trashiness, and very much Pretty Little Liars where you try and figure out who the killer is while the show makes every character look guilty. It’s got as many quotable lines as Mean Girls, and definitely a show I look forward to every Tuesday night.

The Royals: Although I started this show in December, I had to add this in. It’s a show about the fictional royal family in modern day England, and a comedy/drama centering around politics, family, and love. It’s the super cliche storyline of the common girl falling in love with the prince and having to decide if she wants the life that comes with it, but it’s super addicting to watch. Also, the cast is so so so gorgeous. Even if it was the trashiest show in the world, I’d stick to it just to get my daily doses of #MCM haha. I also like it because the story consists of several different plot lines that sucks makes you want to stick through to see what will happen to each character.


Youtube is honestly such a big part of my life, although I don’t make videos myself. ( I hope to one day!) I spend a lot of my free time watching my subscriptions, and especially with Youtubers that I’ve been watching for years, they feel like a part of my life. Guys, I’m subscribed to so many people I have to make it a daily routine to clean out my subscription box so it doesn’t overflow haha. One day I’ll share with you guys the whole list.

I’m always subscribing to new people who make awesome content, so here are my favorites of November:

JkissaMakeup: Because she’s part of the Michelle Phan squad, I knew who JKissa was but never officially took the time to watch her videos on her own channel. Not only are her videos so high quality and well edited, she is no joke with makeup.

Lilisimply: Guys, Instagram feed theme isn’t the only thing that can be aesthetically pleasing. Lilisimply’s videos are all purple filtered and so so gorgeous, earning her a subscribe even before I clicked on a video to watch. She does beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos, so give her a follow.

Todrickhall: I cannot believe I hadn’t ever heard of Todrickhall up to a few weeks ago when my friend texted me the link to his 4 Taylor Swift video, where there’s four of him singing and doing the moves to a Taylor Swift mashup. This just really proves my point that there are soooo many awesome Youtubers out there with millions of followers that I haven’t found yet. 🙁 Besides music covers, he’s also so hilarious, with a bunch of parodies like the Hungry Games and Snow White and the Seven Thugs.


KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop: It got quite chilly in November, which proved so drying to my skin. Luckily, Wishtrend sent me a KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum to try out and review for you guys. I have pretty sensitive skin, and the serum was so gentle and moisturizing. It also fixed a bunch of red patches I had along my cheekbones, which I found amazing considering I had used it for less than a week. I mix half a dropper with some lotion just because I don’t like the oily texture. 


The usual mix of Chinese, Korean, and American tunes. Enjoy this little playlist 🙂


I always stumble across some really interesting or useful links on the web that I’d like to share with you guys. The first one here is from Alyaka, a beauty retailer site. They also run a lifestyle magazine, and released an article called Beauty Tips from the Gurus: How to Achieve Successful Beauty Transformation. I instantly bookmarked this article to look back to the compilation of beauty tips and advice from some of Youtube’s best beauty gurus.

rchlwngx I stumbled across Rachel’s blog one day, and spent an hour on her lifestyle and style blog. She’s gorgeous and I love her writing personality.

And that’s it for this month’s favorites! Not a lot of actual products, but these are things I definitely recommend you to check out with no purchases needed.

Cheers to December 🙂


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