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Hey guys!

*drumroll* For the longest time ever, I’ve wanted to start making Youtube videos. While blogging is such a great platform and definitely less time consuming, expressing my creativity through videos is definitely a more visual and exciting way. So I bought myself a tripod, turned the camera on, and decided to film my very first video. 🙂

And oh my gosh. Youtubers make it look so easy and natural, but you don’t know how hard filming yourself is until you sit down to do it. It’s so awkward! Anyways, I’m pretty pleased with how the video turned out, and I hope it’s useful to those who follow me on Instagram and want to know how I, and other people in general, achieve that white and bright theme with thicker borders.

I use the editing apps VSCOcam and Aviary, but for the majority of my white and bright photo I just use Aviary. I increase the brightness for a white background and the contrast setting to make the colors pop. This varies however, depending on the state of the original photo. Then I’ll put a white border around the photo from the frames section, using the preset called Aura.

For a white background outside like a white sky, for iPhone users with ios 8+, tap the photo once or however way you get the exposure slider to appear. Then slide the sun up until the sky or background turns white.

Good luck!


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