Korean Straight Brow Tutorial


I’ve always favored straight, Korean style brows. While arched and dramatic Western style brows are gorgeous, I prefer the natural and more innocent brow look that Korean celebrities and makeup artists these days are rocking.

Model Park Sora


Makeup artist Pony. I adoreeee her.

It took me a while to master it because my brow hairs are super unruly and don’t grow in a straight line, but I’ve discovered some useful tips and tricks to achieve that straight and clean brow. Let’s get started. ^^

1. Get a high quality brow pencil.
I’m frugal when it comes to makeup. There. I said it. I hate spending $30 on a primer that’s the size of my index finger. I cringe when I see a $21 eyebrow pencil. My first brow pencil was a cheap one from the drugstore, and when my brows looked like a disaster after using it, I said my eyebrows were incapable of being filled in. Investing in a good brow pencil ( or any makeup product) makes a HUGE difference, and you can be comforted to know that it’ll benefit you in the long run. I picked up the super popular Anastatia Brow Wiz Pencil in the color Ivory from Sephora a few weeks ago, and I was shocked by how easily I could fill in my brows and shape it to my desire. The Brow Wiz is double ended with a spooly for brow brushing on one side and the retractable tip on the other side.
2. Shape brows
Depending on how unruly your brow hairs are, you’ll need to do some work for a straighter brow shape. If you’re a brave soul and have tweezers, brush your brow hairs, apply some moisturizer on it, and pull the stray hairs out using quick, outwards motions. If don’t have tweezers, you can buy asian eyebrow razors online for super cheap. They look like this:
3. Outline
Using my brow pencil, I’m going to lightly outline a straight brow shape with a slight arch on the end.  It’s okay if your line looks to dark or too harsh- we’re going to brush it out with the spooly at the end.
A popular question when shaping eyebrows is where should the eyebrow begin and end? The answer is super simple- use your eyes and nose as a guide. Examine your face in the mirror- see the bridge of your nose where the inner corner of your eyes begin?? Box the outline of the brow there. As for the ends, take your eyebrow pencil and angle it so it slightly passes the outermost edge of your eye. Slightly angle and taper it off there, and you have the perfect brow shape.
4. Fill in with light, feathery strokes


Fill in your outline with light, feathery outward strokes. At the inner eyebrow, make upward flicks to imitate natural brow hairs, then lightly tapering out at the ends. After you’ve filled the eyebrow in, take your spooly and brush outwards to lessen any harsh lines and make the eyebrow look natural.
5. Clean up with concealer
For a clean and absolutely straight brow, I’m going to apply my KLAIRS Natural Fit Concealer on the upper and bottom part of my brows. Using a flat concealer brush, I’m going to blend it in using left and right sweeps and then patting it in.

And that’s it! It might take a few tries to master, but once you get the hang of it, achieving that clean, natural, and straight brow will take no effort at all. I hope you found this tutorial useful, and be sure to tweet/tag me a photo if you decide to try this brow shape out.

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