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I was looking at Aspyn Ovard’s blog earlier, and her photos of her honeymoon at Bora Bora really struck a chord in me. I realized that I never really wrote a New Years post with my goals or aspirations for this year, even though I know in my gut that 2016 is going to be really special. I have a lot of trips lined up this year that I never imagined myself being able to go to, which made me realize that this is the year I’m going to be crossing a significant amount of things off my bucket list. Its scary. And exciting. So I want to share with you guys my bucket list that I’ve had since middle school, and I’m glad to say I can be more bold to add things on because one day, they really might just happen.

1. I’ve always wanted a macbook pro, especially because deep in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to make Youtube videos one day. And what can I say? I’m an apple fan for life.
2. You can say I was born to blog, haha. I started a blog in elementary school posting DIY tutorials and beauty stuff ( so of course no one read it XD), and then naturally, abandoned it. Throughout middle school I would co-write blogs with my friends, and then would get bored and quit. Last year, something stirred in me and I sat down, purchased a domain name, and actually started a blog and kept with it, learning and absorbing all I needed to know to grow it.
3. A lot of my favorite vloggers vlog with the Sony a5100, and I fell in love with it as soon as I found out about the flip up screen and automatic skin softening feature, haha. Definitely one of the greatest investments I’ve made.
4. In two weeks, I’ll be going on a cruise to Mexico. Ummm what???? I’ll definitely be vlogging it.
5. see above 😛
6. I’m finally able to go to Taiwan with my Church’s youth mission trip! It’s been a place I’ve been dying to go to forever. Maybe I’ll see Jolin Tsai walking around somewhere, lol.
7. Last summer I bought a guitar in China and lugged it back to America on two plane transfers and 24 hours of traveling. So you know… I was pretty determined to learn it. I picked it up super fast with just a guitar book and a couple of Youtube videos. Who would’ve thought? A while back knowing how to play the guitar was the coolest thing ever
8. Seoul, Hongkong, and Singapore are my top three places I want to go to!!! I definitely want to practice my Korean in Seoul, as well as splurge and buy everything in sight at Myeongdong hahaha.
9. I’ve always been the person behind the camera, so it took a lot of courage and self-pursuading to finally sit down and film my first YT video. But I’m in love with editing and filming, so I’m glad I did.
10. So my DSLR has no autofocusing and no flip out screen, which is a NIGHTMARE to film with. The Canon 70D is definitely something I want to invest in in a couple of years. But first… money…
11. Los Angeles is where I want to go to college and then live, so I definitely want to visit it in a year or so. I might look into some summer film workshops there, so crossing my fingers!
12. I have to wait until I’m 18 -.-, but skydiving in Australia is something I really really want to do. Why Australia? No idea…
13. Zip-lining down a mountain or something would be pretty darn cool. I did something like that in China, but it wasn’t headfirst and it went really slow. Guys, I like exhilarating activities.
14. I’ve been learning Korean for two years now, but the thing about learning by yourself is that you do it when you feel like it, which means that you make almost no progress at all. I can read and write fluently, but this year my goal is to expand my vocabulary and be able to converse more fluently.
15. This is probably going to happen in 3 years before I graduate, but Sweden is my birthplace, so it’s definitely on my list to go to.
16. Michelle Phan is my all-time inspiration. So I just have to work hard and be able to meet her one day, heh heh.
17. I’m crossing my fingers that this will happen on my cruise to Mexico. That would make my year.
So this is my updated bucket list for 2016. I challenge you guys to update your bucket list or if you don’t have one, create one. Don’t be afraid to add things that seem completely wild- you never know what life will throw at you.
Lots of love,

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