Heatless Waves 3 Ways


My hair’s always been semi-wavy and semi-straight, and your girl has a LOT of it. So when I got a curling iron last year, curling it was a workout! Even before in middle school, I would find ways to curl my hair without heat and wake up with glamorous waves. Trust me guys, I have years of experience with the art of heatless curling. (Not all good. :P) But today I’m going to show you guys my favorite 3 ways, each that will get you different kinds of waves.

1:Beachy Mermaid Waves: 

IMG_9442For this you’re going to need two hair ties. Dampen your hair slightly, and remember to make sure you’re hair isn’t too wet- or the curls won’t hold. I recommend using a spritz bottle.

Split your hair into two sections. Starting with the first, start a three-strand braid starting from the very top of your head. As you go down, add strands of hair into the braid until you get to the very end. This makes sure that all your hair gets wavy, instead of just the bottom half. Got to sleep or wait until your hair dries, and wake up with beachy and mermaid type waves!

2: Twist Braid

This gives you a more voluminous and bigger type of wave, which looks great for fancy occasions. Start with damp hair again. Depending on how big you want your wave to be, take a section of your hair and twist it, eventually bringing it to the top of your head into a knot. Secure with a bobby pin, and repeat for all the sections of your hair. Wait for your hair to dry, or go to sleep overnight. Then take the twists out, brush through your curls, and hold it in place with a few spritzes of hairspray.

3. Top Knot

This is the fastest and simplest way, and I love it because it can be a hairstyle in itself. All you’re going to do is brush all your (damp) hair up into a high ponytail, and then twist it into a knot or bun at the top of your head. Then once your hair dries, take out the bun, comb through your hair, and have voluminous and big waves. I like to wear these waves in a high ponytail.


I hope you guys found these three ways helpful! If you decide to try them out, feel free to tweet or Instagram me a pic of the results.

Lots of love,

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