My Week On A Carnival Cruise


Hi guys, hope you all are doing well! I just got back from my cruise to Mexico, and the withdrawal is real! I had an amazing experience, and the 5 days I was on the Carnival Elation will definitely be a vacation I’ll never forget. My Mexico travel diary will be going up soon, so this post will just be a quiz recap of my time on the ship. I vlogged my entire trip too, so for more in-depth showing, be sure to watch it below!


We arrived on the ship at about 2:30 on Saturday. The check-in took about 20 minutes, with pretty tight security. Not complaining though!


First meal from the 24 hour buffet! They also had a grill and Mongolian Wok outside as well. The style of the food at the buffet changes daily, so the first day was Italian.


A quick room toor! The cabin was really tiny, but it didn’t feel cramped at all because they made really good use of the space. There was a big bed, and then two pull out beds from the wall. Only downside was that the lighting was really pink, but then… #bloggerprobs. The really nice housekeeping people leave a towel animal on your bed every day too. After day 2 I couldn’t recognize what they were, but still so so cool.



The top level of the boat- deck chairs, mini-golf, and a running track.


I think the little kids found the water slide to be more enjoyable, but I went on a couple times cause how many times in your life do you get to slide down a waterslide in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico?


When they said 24 hour buffet they really meant 24 hours. 8 P.M visits to the hot tub eating bowls of frozen yoghurt was a nightly routine.


You have a reservation at the Inspiration Restaurant every night, located on the 8th floor. The menu also changed every day. I got to try escargot for the first time. . .which just tasted like butter and oil. Here are all the meals we ate during the 5 days:


roast duck and asparagus


guac and chips




fried shrimp and fries


salmon sushi


Seafood pasta


capuccino cake

DSC00516The second night was formal dress ^^

IMG_0674 IMG_0673

There was always something interesting going on at the main deck, like dance parties or in this case, ice sculpting.


Watermelon carvings at the buffet. Serving fruit in the most awesome way.

So basically to sum things up, I ate, slept, used the steam saunas, went to the gym, and repeated x5 lol.  The service was amazing, and all the people that worked there were so so friendly. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of photos as I was mostly vlogging, so check out the vlog here to follow me around:

And stay tuned for my Mexico Travel Diary from the two stops we made in Cozumel and Yucatan on the cruise. I promise you colorful photos and a better edited vlog. (Still learning!) 🙂

Lots of love,


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