How To Find the Perfect Foundation For Your Skin


Hi guys! Here’s an excerpt of a post I wrote over at the Wonder Forest. 🙂

The wrong foundation color can look unnatural, and the wrong type can cause your skin to break out. You also don’t want to walk out of the house and have someone politely stop you to tell you that your face is a different shade than your neck- something that has unfortunately happened to me. So how do you find the perfect foundation?

When it comes to foundation, there are two big factors that come to play – skin type and skin tone. Skin type refers to the condition of your skin, and there are four types- oily/combination, sensitive, dry, and normal. Skin tone is the color and shade of your skin, like ivory, fair, dark, and so on.

Identifying Skin Type

When searching for foundation, always start with identifying your skin type. Remove your makeup and wash your face with a gentle cleanser, making sure to pat dry. Wait 30 minutes and avoid touching your face. Then look in the mirror and evaluate:

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