Lasers Versus Dermaroller – Which One is More Effective? (Guest Post)


When you have wrinkles and other skin problems, professional skincare clinics may be able to help you in a wide variety of ways. Two of the common options are treatments that involve laser machines and others that involve micro-needling devices, also known as Dermarollers. But the question is which one is more effective?

Both Treatments Can Trigger Restoration of Damaged Skin Cells

One of the things that both forms of treatment have in common is that they can both fix wrinkles and other skin blemishes by triggering your body’s own natural restoration processes. You see, there are hormones and proteins in your body that are responsible for keeping the body’s cells healthy. As you get older, levels of those substances will naturally start to decline, leading to the cells degrading a bit. That’s most obvious in skin cells because you can see your skin. It shows up in the form of cellulite dimples, wrinkles, fine lines, or sometimes even discolored areas.

Both lasers and Dermarollers actually can help to fix that damage by causing more damage. While Dermarollers punch tiny holes in your skin, lasers can heat up skin cells. Both actions are meant to get your body to make more proteins and hormones to repair the cells. In the process of repairing the new issues, some of the old ones are also taken care of.

Lasers Offer More Precision Than Dermarollers

One of the ways in which micro-needling devices and cosmetic lasers differ is that lasers can be more precise in their actions. So, if you just want to have one small fine line treated, a laser procedure might be the optimum choice for you. There are also different types of lasers that can be used depending on your exact skin problem.

Dermarollers Can Cover a Large Area of Skin Quickly

Unlike Lasers, Dermarollers can cover a large area of skin. They are best for treating your skin on a more widespread scale. So, if you are just generally concerned about your over all skin health, you might want to ask an expert about micro-needling options.

Lasers Work Well on Certain Skin Types

Another thing that you need to be aware of is that lasers might only work well on certain skin types. There are lasers that can handle multiple skin types, but some of them specialize in treating only lighter colored skin or skin that has an average or below average level of oiliness. Skin that is darker or more oily may interfere with the laser’s effectiveness, especially since heated skin oils can sometimes cause burns and blisters.

Dermarollers Work Well on All Skin Types

The great thing about Dermarollers is that they work on any type of skin. There is no excessive heat, and they aren’t calibrated based on patches of light and darkness like lasers are. Therefore, they can be used on almost anyone. Assuming you have a skin problem that can be treated with micro-needling there’s really no reason you shouldn’t try it, unless you have a fear of needles.

As you can see, lasers and micro-needling devices aren’t really better or worse than each other. They are simply different, which makes some people better candidates for one over the other. If you think you might want to explore either treatment, the best way to choose one is to ask your local clinician for advice.

FTC: This was a sponsored guest post

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