My Favorite Beauty Youtubers


As an avid watcher of Youtube, you can say that I’m subscribed to quite a lot of lovely people. So today I want to share with you guys a few of my favorite beauty Youtubers. Some of them you may know already, and some may not be so known. Nevertheless, I hope you do take some time and check out these channels. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Ponymakeup: Korean ulzzang and makeup artist is one of Asia’s top makeup artists. She’s recently started her own channel where she shows you how to achieve any type of look and transformation. Think Michelle Phan but with multi-colored pastel hair.

Sierra Furtado: More of a lifestyle Youtuber, I had to include her in the list because I’ve been binge watching her videos the last two days and am in love with her colorful content, personality, and pretty hair. If you’re into “tumblr-inspired” content, check her channel out!

Michelle Phan: Hands down the OG of all beauty gurus. You can’t say you watch Youtube beauty gurus without knowing who Michelle Phan is. She’s super talented at makeup, offers useful advice videos like building confidence, mastering internships, career talks, and more. Her videos are professional, shot in studios, and to sum up, works of art.

Bubzbeauty: Lindy, a.k.a Bubzbeauty has been on Youtube quite a while, and is one of the most subscribed Asian Youtubers. She offers makeup, nail, and hair tutorials, as well has advice videos. Following the birth of her son Isaac and her recent move to Northern Ireland, Bubz is most active on her vlog channel where she documents her everyday life. I fell in love with Bubz, to be honest, not with her main channel videos, but with her personality and her character. She’s one of the most humble, down to earth, and sweetest Youtubers who makes you feel like you’ve known her her whole life.

Cloudyapples: Kassey from Cloudyapples is intelligent, classy, quirky, and creative to the point where I’m envious. Let’s just say she’s not your average beauty guru. Kassie incorporates daily musings, words of wisdom, and comedy into beauty, makeup, lifestyle, and health videos. She inspires me to be strong, confident, and to live a healthy and abundant lifestyle. Her video quality is bomb too.

Wengie: Australian Chinese Youtuber Wengie recently hit 1 million subscribers, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been subscribed to her since the very beginning, and it was amazing watching her channel grow and evolve throughout the years, and as she found her voice and personality. Besides being gorgeous, Wengie offers Korean and Japanese inspired makeup tutorials, unique product reviews, advice, sketches, and more. She’s cute, fun, and ugh oh so pretty.

Be sure to check these lovely people out, and let me know if you’re subscribed to them!

Happy Youtube watching and lots of love,


P.S: I started a Youtube channel, so feel free to check mine out!


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    March 18, 2016 at 11:27 pm

    I’m currently checking Ponymakeup and Bubzbeauty 🙂 Michelle Phan was the first youtuber I met and I really want to buy her book, but it’s not available in my place

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