Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016


Mother’s day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas, I got you covered! While my style of showing my appreciation for my mom is breakfast in bed and trying to allow her a day of total relaxation (along with an orchestra concert heheh), I’ve put together some gifts that I know your mom will love!

1. Fragrant candle

These days candles serve a much more variety of uses than light. They come in all shapes and forms, with any scent imaginable. A nice luxury candle is great gift for your mom to pamper herself with a spa night, or just a nice way to unwind after a long day. My favorite places to buy candles are from Bath and Body Works!

2. Pink Mixer

If your mom likes to bake and cook, a new mixer in a pretty color like pink or blue is a super thoughtful and useful gift. Not only will it be a cute addition to the kitchen, it’s a unique gift idea because no one thinks of kitchen mixers to be cute since they’ve always been a boring steel color!

3. Yoga Mat

A new and super cute yoga mat is also a really thoughtful gift if your mom likes to exercise! I know my mom recently really got into yoga, and she’s been using the same old yoga mat we’ve had in the closet. Especially if you’re just getting into exercise, cute workout clothes and equipment really motivates you! And these days they make everything pretty, so I love browsing the floral yoga mats and also ones with motivational quotes printed on them.

4. Phone Case

What better gift than a new phone case? Yes, I’m promoting my phone case line, but one of my favorite designs is the ‘Girl You Are the Boss’ one because it’s so empowering and is a great reminder that girls are the boss, and it’s such a fitting gift to give your mom. Yes she’s not a girl, but what a good chance to remind her how young she looks. *wink wink*. Head on over to my etsy shop for a look!

5. Bouquet of flowers

As the ultimate lover of flowers, I can speak for many that sometimes a bouquet of gorgeous flowers speaks more than any other gift. It’s simple, yet is a gigantic gesture. If you want to make it really thoughtful, pick an assortment of flowers that are meaningful, such as ones from her birth month, her favorite color, and so on. If you google it, you’ll find that flowers are just like birth stones- every type has a meaning!

So that’s my quick Mother’s day gift guide! I’m just now realizing I forgot the apostrophe in my thumbnail, hahaha. Oops. Anyways, I know this is super late, and I promise I’ll be better with posting ahead of time, but if you’re a last minute type of person, I hope you found these ideas useful! Remember that the thought counts more than the gift, and in the end, sometimes breakfast in bed and a hug says it all.

Lots of love,


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