A Stroll Through Beverly Hills


img_9709 img_9721 img_9715 We started off our second to last day in LA really early in the morning to drive over to Beverly Hills and go window shopping on the famous Rodeo Drive. By window shopping I mean just walking past windows, because literally every story on this street was designer. So um…we just looked, haha. But it was worth it, because palm trees lining these streets made for beautiful photos, and the weather was crisp and only slightly chilly.img_9714 img_9712      img_9792

A scenic drive made a great montage for vlog footage!img_9789 img_9784 img_9779 img_9777 img_9768 img_9767

My favorite thing about LA has to be that it’s a blend of big city, beaches, and snow capped mountains. The best of both worlds.img_9765 img_9763 img_9762 img_9748

Had to include this photo of these two doggies, because CUTENESS OVERLOAD!img_9741 img_9722We then did a scenic drive on Mulholland drive, which was so incredibly breathtaking. And this is where I got some bomb profile pic worthy photos, LOL. I’ve officially trained my mom into a pro photographer.img_9808 img_9801 img_9797 img_9807 img_9804 img_9795

And after that, we headed over to Santa Monica to visit the beach! I’ll be posting the photos from that tomorrow, so stay tuned!

And watch the vlog:

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