LA Day 1!


Hi guys!

If you don’t watch my vlogs or aren’t following me on any social media, you wouldn’t know that I’m currently in LA! I’ve been here for 5 days and will be here for a total of 7, so I thought it’s time to update the blog with some good old pictures! I’m just here with my mom and dad to do some traveling and sightseeing, so it’s been fun driving around and taking lots of photos and video footage. Which by the way, you should make sure you’re subscribed to my main youtube channel so you know when my LA Travel Diary uploads!

img_9279 img_9285 img_9290 img_9292 img_9296 img_9303 img_9306   img_9358 img_9359  img_9376 img_9379 img_9391 img_9394 img_9399

The first day (well second) of LA was spent at the Griffith Observatory! We hiked the trail up to the Hollywood Sign, but we stopped before we got to it to go back to the observatory and see the sunset. It was so cool to see LA spread out before us, and the weather was perfect for hiking- slightly chilly but not freezing!

We hiked back down at around 4:30 to go to the observatory and see the sun set, which probably has to be the most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever witnessed in my life. The sky seemed to have cracked open to reveal this strip of blazing red, and then becoming this white, yellow, and orange ombre. Witnessing God’s creation in this jaw dropping location was such a blessing, and the image will never leave my memory. Cameras really did it no justice, but I hope you get some sort of idea at how beautiful it was.img_9312

img_9342img_9423img_9440 img_9441 img_9448 img_9450 img_9458

And that was our first day in LA! I’m seriously in love with this city, and if you didn’t know, USC is the school I really want to go to, which is located in DTLA. Living in this beautiful city would be a dream come true, and I’m so glad I’m getting to spend a week here.

Come back everyday for new posts! I’m going to be posting all the photos on my blog, and all the vlogs and video on my Youtube channel. Which by the way, you can watch the first LA vlog here:

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