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This is me, like three weeks later, realizing I never posted the last of my LA trip photos! So since I live by the “better late then never” motto, well, here’s a belated dose of photos from my afternoon at Santa Monica beach. I’ve always wanted to know though, are travel photos still relevant after the trip is over? Hmm…

img_9810img_9814 img_9811 img_9822 img_9828 img_9827 img_9823 img_9867 img_9851 img_9834 img_9829 img_9879

To be honest we only spent a little bit of time on the beach, and my parents refused to go to the pier, which enraged me because let’s be honest, the pier is why people go to Santa Monica. Who cares about the water! But don’t worry pier, I’m coming back for you and your neon lights next time equipped with fairy lights, a 50mm lens, and some Brandon Woelfel worthy creativity.

We had lunch at a Thai-Mex food truck right by the beach, which was bomb because we ate overlooking the water. Also Thai and Mexican fusion? Ughhh the best!

img_9887 img_9883 img_9882 img_9881 img_9880

After Santa Monica Beach, we drove straight to the Venice Canals. Wasn’t really worth the hype, but the houses were goals and I saw a doge that couldn’t have been more fascinated with chewing up a package, which of course, made the trip worth it.img_9919 img_9903 img_9901

And that concludes the photos from the LA trip…three weeks ago…

Hope you enjoyed! And be sure to check out the vlogs:

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