Styling Accessories Two Ways


IMG_1058Hi guys, hope you’re having a great week so far! I’m back with another round of style posts, and this time I want to share with you guys two outfits I put together wearing the same marble pendant and red hoops, just to show that they can completely transform a look or style.IMG_1005This black long sleeve shift dress  from Tobi is elegant and simple, and the white marble pendant pops perfectly against the solid black color. IMG_1064 IMG_1076Because I wanted to dress up this casual shift dress into something more bohemian, I chose to go with the red feather hoops to add another burst of color. Red and black aren’t usually the color combos I go to first, but when it comes to earrings, red is a great way to dress something up.IMG_1048IMG_1094Outfit #2! This emerald Bodycon dress definitely is a dressier and fancier look, but it’s important to remember not to over-do something that already makes such a statement. As this post is about styling the same accessories, the white marble pendant compliments the sheer emerald material pretty well, and the hoops made a nice finish.IMG_1140 IMG_1155And these are my two outfits! Be sure to check out the product links I have throughout the post to shop these pieces!

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