DIY Distressed Denim Patched Jacket


What’s up guys! I’m back with another DIY, and this time it’s a style one that’s gonna save you so much money. I’m obsessed with distressed denim jackets, and recently saw some bloggers rocking ones with iron-on patches. A quick google search brought me to a site selling them for $50, so I was like hell no and busted out my own DIY supplies! If you already have an existing denim jacket, this DIY shouldn’t cost you more than $15.

What you’ll need:

  • denim jacket
  • X-acto knife
  • Tweezers
  • iron-on patches
  • grater
  • iron
  • cardboard piece

Taking your jacket, slide your cardboard under the area you want to cut slits in. This is so when you use the X-acto knife to cut, it doesn’t slit the other side. Then make horizontal cuts, each a centimeter apart. I made about four-five slits, each a different length.

Then to make the distressing magic, take your grater and start to rough up the slits. Honestly doing this was so satisfying. Keep grating and roughing up the cuts until the seams start to come up and the tears look ragged and distressed. Then, take tweezers and pick out the white threads that come loose, and pull out pieces to piece together the look.

Repeat all over your denim jacket until you get the desired look. Then, taking patches (mine are from Amazon, lay them out in the places you want them to be. Then, heat up your iron and run it on the patch until it transfers on. Flip the denim over and iron on the opposite side for added security.

And there you have it! A distressed, iron on patched denim jacket that was so easy and cheap to make!IMG_3133 IMG_3207  IMG_3219 IMG_3222 IMG_3259 IMG_3282 IMG_3351

Watch the video here:

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