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IMG_4911 IMG_4914 I started Monday with a nice coffee date with Kelly Lin, which turned into an impromptu photo shoot that lasted hours. We talked about Taiwan, blind dates, and dank doge memes. Umm Monday morning goals, am I right?IMG_4928 IMG_4938 IMG_4941 My model wasn’t feeling up to erm, modeling, and decided to #whipnflip instead. IMG_4946 IMG_4950  IMG_4982 IMG_4988 IMG_5013 IMG_5017 Marble pendant from my store, WildBloom!IMG_5050 IMG_5071 Obsessed with this flower bathtub. IMG_5092

More photos from shoots to come. Monday was legit so crazy for me. I had two business meetings back to back and I’m so behind on video uploading. I also want to pre-film as many videos as I can this week because I know school is going to be hectic. But my friend kindly reminded me I only have 5 weeks left. So I think I’ll survive!

Vlog to come soon.

Lots of love,


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