Photoshoot Diaries: Southern Ballerina


I did my first ever dance shoot today with a super sweet girl named Manon, and we went for a really NOLA inspired southern vibe. Omg can we talk about how TALENTED Manon is?! She went on point and I was blown away by her strength and elegance. Ugh I felt so ungraceful next her asian squatting to take those low angles lol.

IMG_4495 IMG_4519  IMG_4564 IMG_4594

Chanelling some serious southern vibes as well as bringing out touches of spring! These flower shots weren’t perfect because the flower bed was in direct sunlight, but still made a gorgeous photo.IMG_4611 IMG_4637 Legit how does one do this?!IMG_4650 I’m actually really into this photo. It’s got that moody and mysterious vibe to it that I’m really digging.IMG_4682 IMG_4707 We snuck into the backyard of a church for these plantation/ New England inspired photos. IMG_4725 IMG_4740 IMG_4749

I tell every one I shoot that the best photos come towards the end of the shoot. Really the first half is us wandering around looking for locations, and then me complaining about not finding a place I liked, LOL. And we found this adorable little town house that had really nice potted flowers and a really soft color palette. Score! IMG_4758 IMG_4766 IMG_4781 IMG_4796 IMG_4810 IMG_4814 IMG_4831 IMG_4834 IMG_4843

And finished the shoot off with an iconic middle of the street shot. Just like the shot I did with Zoe, we would dart out every time no cars approached. I think I need to be stopped. One day we’ll get in an accident. But until that day comes.. IMG_4848 IMG_4863 Legit what I love about Oak Street is you find some really hipster things just laying on the street. We stumbled across this old red piano with plants growing through the keys. Ummm yes please!IMG_4875 IMG_4890

And then ended it at the Rue de La Course, a bank turned coffee shop! Tbh, never set foot because I always thought it was too hipster for me, haha. But Manon pulled me in to get an iced chai and a final shot.IMG_4897 IMG_4898 IMG_4900IMG_4905

I hope you’re enjoying these photo diaries! I’m having a blast building up my portfolio and IG. And I’m also on spring break this week, so I’ve already booked a ton of photo shoots. I’m also filming a bunch of videos for my own youtube, so I can’t wait!

Lots of love,


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