Photoshoot Diaries #1 + Life Update


Hi guys!

Gosh. Blog more Keliee goshdarnit don’t you remember the promise you made to yourself when you started your Youtube channel? That you wouldn’t turn into one of those bloggers that quit on their blog after starting to make videos?

It’s hard guys. It really is. But no excuses. I’ve missed my little creative niche, and even though I have been pouring more of my time into videos, there’s just something so raw and organic about coming back to this blog. It’s my baby, and I really want to be slowly transforming it into a lifestyle blog, including tons of original photos!

But anyways. I’ve really been honing my passion for portrait photography, a.k.a grabbing models from anywhere I can, haha! A bunch of my friends and classmates have agreed to be my victims (lol), and I’ve been having a blast slowly creating my photography portfolio. I’ve done a few paid shoots already, which is a super amazing way to make some income doing what I love. So yes, shameless plug, I do now have a photography Instagram. Please follow!

I’ve been OBSESSING over this shoot I did with my friend Zoe. Honestly first of all, can we talk about how gorgeous she is? She said she has little experience modeling, but GIRL. She knew how to work them angles! She’s a natural, and made the shoot so easy. This first pic has to be my favorite one. dayum.IMG_4419IMG_4322 IMG_4377  This one legit was so funny to shoot. I really wanted to have her do this pose on an empty street, but there were cars everywhere! So every time the road cleared up, we ran over to take them. And then Zoe would scream “CAR” and we would dart out of the way. But hey- do it for the shot right? No matter how pissed off the drivers were XD.IMG_4389I told Zoe how much she looks like Vivian Vo Farmer from Youtube. I think it’s the long brown hair and the same figure. But yeah. In this shot I would’ve thought it was her!IMG_4343

We found this gigantic teddy bear and thought it would be cute to shoot with. And then the owner came out, a friendly old man who gave me his card and said his wife loves the photos customers take with the bear. We went into his store to see the most aesthetically pleasing gelato place EVER. I legit probably fell in love on the spot. I told him I was a photographer and would love to come back and shoot his store and do some creative promotional photos. Like, even for free. He told me to email his wife. I think the wife is in charge.IMG_4437I’m obsessed with using photo props. CDs, fairy lights, prisms- this was the first time I experimented with glitter! Obsessed with the way it turned out. The ground…not so much. IMG_4462

And what’s an ItsKeliee photoshoot without pastels?

IMG_3783 I did a photoshoot with my friend Lila last week, and we went for a different, more edgy style. Lila rocks the tomboy chic look better than anyone I know, so I really wanted to channel that with some blue tones and lots of graffiti walls! Honestly there’s a street right by my high school that is PHOTOGRAPHY GOLD.Think cute shops, graffiti walls, and pastel buildings. IMG_4034 IMG_4098 My first time playing around with using a CD disk. No photoshop, I promise! It takes a lot of playing around with, but you get a nice arm workout and some unique effects.IMG_4130 IMG_4167IMG_2486

And here’s a pic of me from Kev and I’s shoot because I hope you’ve missed my face and I really don’t have any updated ones LOL.

My main goal for this blog in 2017 is to transition into a lifestyle blog, meaning I want to share more aspects of my life. Meaning no more stock photos and curated graphics. I think simply put, I want my face over this blog more, lol.  Meaning I don’t want to be just some person behind the computer screen. I want you guys to get to know me and know the person you take precious time out of your life to spend time with. The other day I got a comment on my Youtube channel from a girl who wanted to request a vid on blogging, and said she was obsessed with mine. I felt so convicted, because I really have abandoned this blog for too long, and when I post, honestly I half ass it so badly.


So TL;DR- I do want to start sharing my portrait shoots of other people! But I also want to do more fashion and OOTD photos of me and share them with you guys here. It’s just so hard because I’m definitely very adept at being being the camera, but I don’t have a photographer or videographer and most of the time I just can’t go out and shoot myself. (Lol the irony of being a photographer but desperately needing one for your own purposes.)

Some life updates from Instagram. Summer feed is BACK GUYS! Color color color…

When she’s fancier than you and gets fudge and almonds 🍨 @calikelzone98

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And that’s a wrap for this post! My friend’s staying over at my place for a few days, and I’m going to take advantage of that and plan some shoots with her haha! Look out for some look book videos on the channel and some outfit posts. And my spring break is next week, so I’ll definitely have some time to really do the hustle and get some work done.

Lots of love,


(p.s: I think I’m a pretty funny tweeter, so follow me on Twitter @itskeliee for night time rambles and a lot of animal videos.)

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