Rainy Day


Call me stupid, call me careless, but my favorite time to shoot is when it’s raining. In fact, one of my favorite videos I’ve ever shot was me running around in the rain with a gigantic towel over my head and lens. Anyways, it was pouring all day yesterday but I really wanted to get this style post up, so my friend and I rain into my backyard to get them. Thank God for 1.8 aperture- it made my overgrown backyard look like a freaking forest, haha!IMG_6657I’m styling one of my favorite styles of tops recently- off the shoulder. I think these are perfect for the summer, and the simplistic cuts and designs make them really easy to pair with any kind of pants, shorts, or skirts. Basically, you can either go out casually, or dress them up. Versatility is my favorite thing ever.IMG_6676This lilac off the shoulder top is from Tobi, one of my all time favorite clothing brands. They’re actually offering free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase to Australia. If you’re an Aussie, head on over to their Australia site! Omg, free shipping is my favorite thing ever, along with matcha and sushi. Which says a lot.IMG_6668 With shorts, I always tend to lean for plain, solid colors such as olive green and denim. But because the off the shoulder top is a solid lilac, I went for some plaid Jolt shorts.IMG_6686 IMG_6695 Usually with a crop top I’d opt for a pair of high waisted shorts/pants, but sometimes a bit of midriff showing is okay, right? Lol, think of it as incentive to get back to those summer ab workouts. You guys should tweet me to do a crop top style post in July to hold me accountable.IMG_6701 Keeping it casual and low-key with a pair of light blue high tops.Honestly a pair of doc martins or superstars would be so dope too. IMG_6743 No accessories guys. Sorry, keeping it real. Rainy day, too much effort. #BestStyleBloggerEverIMG_6747

And a last pic of me just pretending I’m in a music video and basking in the rain like a majestic unicorn.

Haven Rose Crop Top

Jolt Drawstring Shorts

Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

Lots of love,


(Look book coming soon. Watch me prance around and eat leaves in the rain in slo mo 😉 )

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