3 Days In The Smoky Mountains



Talk about a much needed vacation, haha. After a month of straight up photo and video work, I decided it was time to chill a bit with the mountains a bit. A 10 hour road trip was not something I anticipated, however. But a lot of Netflix was watched, and they laughed at me for bringing a pillow but they weren’t laughing when I was comfortably napping away for hours lol.

We stayed at a cabin resort a bit aways from the National Park itself, and it was pretty great. The cabins had a hot tub on the top balcony that we chilled in at midnight after a long day of hiking.

IMG_0456IMG_0461IMG_0460         IMG_0293IMG_0366 IMG_0442 IMG_0453 IMG_0487 IMG_0300 IMG_0322 IMG_0442

Our last night at the cabins was spend having a pretty bomb barbecue. We cheated a bit with pre-marinated chicken, but like, whatever. It was still good.

IMG_0573 IMG_0572

This was just a quick little update on my trip. I half-assed a vlog from it too, but mainly I just wanted to chillax and get away from the computer as much as possible. Also, 7 days until I leave for Taiwan! Make sure you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel so you get updated with new vlogs and videos! 🙂

Vlog from the trip:

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