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In Need Of Shake Therapy


DSC03380Word was that a new milkshake place called Shake Therapy replaced the Cold Stone Creamery uptown a few blocks from my place, so Dorothy, Amaris, and I headed over to check it out! I’ve always been interested in the famous CRAZY milkshakes like the Black Tap ones in New York City. In fact, last year I made it my quest to re-create the over-the-top milkshakes for a DIY Youtube video. Let’s be honest- I did it for the ‘gram, because a whole mason jar full of sugar and ice-cream topped with two donuts and frosting will probably shut me down. Ahem, it’s not very on brand. Just kidding.

But for the sake of my Instagram feed and just because what else would I do on a Friday afternoon, we headed over there to check it out.

It’s a “customize your own” milkshake assembly line with three stations. The first one is building your milkshake base.


There are a variety of flavors to sample, but Dorothy and I got a mint chocolate chip is share and Amaris got a Rocky Road base. The ice cream is made in house in the back!

Stage 2: The rim

You have a few selections of what spread to outline the rim of the cup by. We chose Nutella, and then proceeded to add chocolate pebbles to the rim. For real though, this really was just for aesthetic effect. Who eats the rim?

DSC03391The third stations just douse the milkshake with syrups, whipped cream and then the grand toppings. We chose a raspberry drizzle on the inside and a chocolate drizzle on top. Then we selected two strawberry wafers.DSC03394DSC03415

The total was a grand total of $11.00. Is it worth the price? Definitely not. But it’s great to split with a friend (which Dorothy and I did), and honestly, it’s a good one time thing just to get the WOW factor of the extreme toppings. But honestly you’re a true trash sugar loving person, then you might not want to shell out the $11. And unlike the $20 Blacktap milkshakes, these aren’t even gigantic milkshakes with donut toppings… (And sorry for the ratchet nails. It’s been a tough week lol).

DSC03403 DSC03413

Overall, this is a cute place for a date or an outing with friends. The shop’s aesthetic could be better…the tables were a cute shade of blue but I would love to see more done with the empty space and white walls. Oh well, another place checked off my bucket list of Instagrammable places. It’s promising that New Orleans is getting all these “innovated” food spots. The city’s expanding! Whoo! Can we get a Museum of Ice Cream here next time? Or a soft serve matcha cafe. Yes, I would very much like that.

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