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  • IMG_2219

    A Study In Blue / Photo Series

    I love sharing my photo shoots with you guys, since this blog has slowly shifted from being a “How-To” blog to becoming a lifestyle / personal outlet. I’ve recently started a…

  • IMG_4442

    Photoshoot Diaries #1 + Life Update

    Hi guys! Gosh. Blog more Keliee goshdarnit don’t you remember the promise you made to yourself when you started your Youtube channel? That you wouldn’t turn into one of those bloggers…

  • photo-1444011283387-7b0f76371f12

    I’m Lost.

    As you guys can probably see, there hasn’t been a blog post in a while, and when there is, it hasn’t been one like before- a post where I’ve put 100%…

  • week

    Summer Days

    I think we all have this image ready beforehand of  summer break. The mentality that this summer is going to be the summer. It’s like the New Years. When you tell yourself that this…

  • wanderlusting

    An Incurable Case of Wanderlusting

    wan·der·lust ˈwändərˌləst/ noun a strong desire to travel. I often refer to myself as a “wanderluster.” Over the years, I’ve developed such a strong urge to visit as many places as…

  • workspace2

    Welcome To My Blog!

    Hello.Anneong.Ni Hao.Bonjour.Hola! Welcome to my little world! Here I’ll be sharing my extensive knowledge of beauty, style, health, fitness, music ( Kpop, Cpop, music reviews etc.), and little ramblings about my…